Thou has turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou has put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness; to the ends that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever ( Psalms 30:11 & 12).

Sing unto the LORD a new song. Brings gifts of rejoicing to the LORD. Shout with songs of joy to the LORD. Exalt the the name of Righteousness. Lift up my God in the Highest. The LORD God Almighty is prosperous in every way. I have seen the hand of God. All the beautiful things he has done for his people. The LORD is a mighty healer. He is a miracle worker. He is everlasting unto everlasting hope. And the glory of the LORD is every where. He has put joy in the hearts of the hopeless. His mercy has graced their souls. Righteousness has beseech men who did not know the works of God because they believe. Because they put their trust in a mighty God, the LORD has redeemed their souls. The goodness of the LORD is upon this land, even now, in the midst of the heathen. Songs of praises are in the hearts of men. My heart is sweeter than honey; for the hand of God has bring forth beauty. The joy of the LORD is in the hearts of men; for his mercy endureth forever. O children of the living God, magnify the name of the LORD. Say to your neighbors that the LORD liveth. Testify what the LORD has done for you. He has healed your wounds and he has taken away your sickness. The weak he has made strong. He has given hope to the suffering. Their is joy in the hearts of men. I am a witness that the LORD God Almighty is a loving God. I am a witness that the LORD God Almighty is a merciful God. I am a witness that the LORD God Almighty is a miracle worker. I am a witness of the goodness of the LORD. O what a mighty healer. The hand of God is a pleasure to adore. He that redeemed the souls of man, and giveth hope so bountifully. The LORD God of glory is a good God. He is my God, my joy, my beauty. He is my shining star upon the hill. Bless the name of the LORD forever. Amen. Bless his soul; for the hope of the world is glorious. The LORD God Almighty sheweth mercy, even in the midst of despair. O LORD God, thou art righteous and worthy to bring forth hope and cause my bowels to bring forth rivers of living water. Thy gladness has caused men to rejoice in thy name. Many praises have entered the gates of the LORD. A God of gods and LORD of lords who bring forth truth and truth rise up like eagles. In the midst of the heathen my God is glorified and I am glad. I am glad that the riches of Almighty God is every where. I am glad that the beauty of holiness has bring joy to the hearts of men. His precious hand delivers and give and restore confidence. The LORD God is my beacon, the glory, the light of everlasting hope. My testimony of the LORD is gracious. Yet I am a boaster for the LORD. My mouth is not kept silent because the LORD has been good to me. He has given strength to the weak and have done many miracles before my eye. I have seen hope in his people, belief, strong with a hopeful glory. Who can say that the hand of God will not do many wonders? I have seen wonders. O what wonders I have seen. I have see pain subside and strong men humble with praises before God. Shall Zion not rise up with glory. The glory of the LORD is bountiful. Zion shall rejoice. I am a servant of the living God and I tell you that Zion will rejoice. And I shall see the rejoicing of the children of the living God. And I shall praise the LORD my God. How many praises are worthy for this God? Day and night my God shall glory. Hope shall be hopeful indeed. And those who come before me, in the name of Jesus Christ my LORD, shall see the beauty of my God. The hand of God is beautiful, blessed, full of glory and life, abounding hope, riches exceedingly High, power mightier than all. I am proud to declare the goodness and greatness of God before you. The LORD my God is Righteous and Holy. He is a testiment of glory and infinite riches. Forever and ever the LORD is my God. Amen. 

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