O RIGHTEOUSNESS, the joy of the world, thy glory shall rise up on many mountains. Eagles shall grace the heavens with thy grace. Thy hope come on the wings of a dove. Beauty has embraced thee bountifully. Truth rejoice before thee. Mighty is the steps of the LORD. O heaven, the LORD God Almighty is our King. He is our Glory and our delight. The Spirits of the LORD are every where. The beauty of holiness beseech the LORD. RIGHTEOUSNESS abideth in truth. This is the everlasting glory and the hope of the world. Wonderful is the LORD’S way. All his hope is hopeful indeed. And who shall eat the spoils of the LORD shall rejoice. This is a promise, a promise of everlasting rejoicing of the LORD. Glory abound – – so mighty is thy feet. Upon the hill burn with fire. The presence of the LORD is there. Holy is the LORD. Thy presence purify the souls of men. All bow to thee O LORD. Great is thy ways. The LORD God Almighty is my God. The people on the earth seek thee O LORD. Every where is praises and glory in the name of the LORD. Thy light is a beacon of the world. Let all rise in jubilation and praise the LORD. Let us lift up our hands and stretch forth our praises before thee O LORD. Let thy name be a sweetness to our souls. Let our hearts rejoice; for the LORD God Almighty is our God. Glory O LORD; for what shall it profit us if our LORD shall not glory? You have awaken me with vigor and strength to praise thee O LORD and who shall stop it? I have tasted thy goodness and my soul knows fully well thy beauty. The days before us is a joy to behold for those who love thee O LORD. The name of the LORD will be magnified. Rivers and valleys and the depths of the oceans shall glory in thy name. All the land shall glory. Dewdrops shall fall with thy blessings. Hope shall abound in peace. Glory shall rise up on glory. And truth shall rejoice before thee. The goodness of the LORD is every where. His strength stand up before the sons of men and who shall stand against it? The LORD God has searched the depths and the heights. And every thing is naked before thee. Truth rise up before thee and praise thy name. Thy word is declared and it stand. The blessings of the LORD is indeed mighty. You established things and no one can change them. You open doors and no one can close them. You close doors and no one can open them. Who is like thee O LORD? There is none that behold such glory and beauty. How strong is thy hand O mighty One? How gracious is thy soul? Thy feet are a delight. Honor and glory are the LORD. Mighty winds fear the name of the LORD. Are they not wise before thy name? Thy creations are pleasurable to thy soul. O LORD, thy glory abound on High. It is every where. O Beauty, rejoice – – Thy hand is beautiful. The LORD God Almighty is a great God. His soul is a delight. My heart rejoices in the LORD. O Mighty, O Mighty, the LORD God is mighty. My soul knows fully well this truth.

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