I am the LORD’S. In his wisdom I bring to you Christ our LORD, the voice of the Holy Spirit. Avail your time in what is precious, saith the LORD. Rejoice in what is good. Forsake what availeth you nothing. For Christ our LORD is the glory of God. Who have ears let them hear.

In the infinite wisdom and understanding of our God, the word of the LORD is not diminished by man, the working of the flesh. Truth will stand up on any day. THE WORD OF THE LORD IS TRUTH. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Stay in the rest of your LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the begotten of the first fruit of the dead. All that is dead, if they believe, yet shall they live. Christ is the resurrection. He has put death to shame. Shall you then glory in the dead and not the living? The works of the wicked shall find no glory before God. And the wisdom of God is this: Christ has victoriously made an open show of the devil and his followers. And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it (Colossians 2:15). That all who are Christ’s shall have the confidence, the assurance, the faith to know the power and the glory of Almighty God. Who then shall diminish the power and the glory of God by a day? Shall a Saturday or a Sunday diminish the resurrection of Christ? What will it matter? Will that change the nature of our God? Shall the wicked have everlasting glory in what is vain? Yet you who are in Christ shall glory. For the LORD my God will be praised. Let us not be partakers of the wicked but partakers in Christ our LORD. Is not our Christ more powerful that Saturday or Sunday? Then why do you fight for a day? Shall it not profit you more to glory in Christ than to rival for a day? The throne of God is High, so too his wisdom. The kingdom of God is established and who can change that? IT IS AN EVERLASTING KINGDOM. Man fight for what they do not understand; for they are dead in the Spirit. For if the Spirit of God live in you shall you not glory in the Spirit? The everlasting glory of truth shall rise up in Zion. The glory of the LORD shall prevail. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Righteousness shall dance with righteousness. Wisdom shall dine with wisdom. Truth shall embrace truth. The image of Christ and God is restored in us. Not because of a day. Then what power shall a day have and who shall glory in it? Let our glory be in Christ and God the Father, our everlasting hope. When men argue in ignorance let us rejoice in the LORD. For we know that the day of our LORD draweth near. Amen. Let us bless our LORD and God, in his wisdom, in his truth. Amen.

We must consider what is ours and what is not. Is this your kingdom? Then why do you behave as though it is? Shall my God not dwell in hope? Who shall stand against our God and prevail? Let us walk in the wisdom and confidence of our Supreme God; for the LORD God liveth. Christ did not die and yet stood in the grave forever. HE ROSE ON THE THIRD DAY WITH POWER AND GLORY. Then why do you behave as though Christ is dead? The kingdom of God is everlasting unto everlasting. It will not be established in this world. Let them have this world. We are not of this world. But we are in this world only for a moment. Christ overcome this world. He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. The LORD is our God. This is our hope. Our dwelling place shall glory. We delight in the wisdom of God and not in vanity. The wisdom of man is vanity. It shall perish. But that of the LORD’S is a glory to behold. Seek it, lest you be misled into the things that profit you nothing. The good news (the gospel) of the LORD is better than war with men for a day. Share this good news with the world that the foolish may be made wise in Christ. This is joyful and pleasing unto the LORD. Our God is awake and he is depending on you, the light in this world to shine in the midst of darkness. Are you deciples of Saturday or Sunday or deciples of Christ? Be not deciples of a day. But be of virtue to Christ, worthy unto everlasting truth, and the glory of God.

The LORD is a joy to my heart and soul and his wisdom is very High. His truth will stand. It will not fade away. This same truth will judge the world. The LORD my God will glory. Amen. Thrist after the LORD, children, not after a day that profit you nothing. But thirst after Christ and the glorious day of his coming. From everlasting unto everlasting let the glory of God abide with thee. Amen.

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