Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness; and let thy saints shout for joy (Psalms 132:9).

All that is God’s is righteous, through Christ our LORD. Because he loved us first we endure such hopeful glory. For when we were vain unto destruction, the LORD shew us mercy, so dearing a mercy, full of grace, with heavenly measures in the sight of God. Only our heavenly Father can bestow such a love unto us. This treasure, let us behold, from everlasting unto everlasting.

Now that we are priests unto God, under Christ who is our High Priest, let us render righteousness to God who is ready to rejoice. We were made priests to honor Christ and God, full with the Holy Spirit, to walk in the fullness of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. O LORD my God. This day the LORD has ordained that you shall glory in the beauty of holiness, to uplift the sanctity of our blessed God. For this love of God which was bestowed upon you is by far a love of extraordinary measure, hopeful unto everlasting glory, unlike the world whom have not behold such glory of heavenly proportion. For you believe Christ, the bearer of salvation, the redeemer of our souls, in that you died with him, and now live in him and he in you. This love of God who can truly understand it? For it far exceed a love man can truly comprehend. Our Father is awesome, a delightful glory. We dwell in a hopeful glory of him who is mighty in every way. He is our LORD and our God. So mighty is the God of Israel, all that we can behold is his. Let your eyes feast. Let your hearts perceive. Yet I tell you, the magnitude of the glory of God is beyond measure of all that man can imagine. Almighty is the name of the LORD. So mighty is he, all that he declared stands with glory. And who can say that my beauty is not beautiful? Who can say that the glorious powers of my LORD are not a wonder to behold? For this beautiful God of us glory in us and we in him. I have tasted this glory and it is sweet. It is the sweetest thing that I have tasted. I have tasted this glory and it is good. O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trust in him (Psalms 34:8). His goodness and mercy prevail. He taketh away the fear from the heart. He instilled hope in the hopeless. I have seen healings before my eyes and miracles I do not understand. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Who is like this God? I glory in a God so mighty. I glory in a God so faithful. I glory in a God who is true in all his ways. I glory in a God who has loved his servants so dearly. This God of mine is a beauty, a delight, and a glory. He is the true and living God. O Father, thou art LORD and thou art God. Let no one deceive you about the ways of this God. Let no one take away the power and the honor and the glory of God. Behold a mighty King who shall reign in all his glory. Behold my God whose kingdom shall prevail against all others! Behold the Prince of peace whose glory I bring before you. Behold the power of the throne of God. Heed to this God little children so it shall be well with you.

O Father, thy hand is mighty. Behold my God who maketh a way for his servants. Behold a God of confidence who creates things and they stand. Behold a beauty so magnificent, my God, my precious LORD. Let us stand in awe and praise our God. Let us declare things that are true. Let us proclaim liberty to the world. Let us stand with confidence, not weaving without faith; for the LORD is our God. And we know that it is impossible to please God without faith. When others say, No. Tell them that you know a God who will say yes. I have seen the hand of this God. What is impossible with man is possible with God. Violence and wickedness have fallen into the ground. And the glory of the LORD has come alive. Death has no glory and the vain, corrupt ways of the wicked have fallen into the pit. For they know not the ways of my God. They know not that before him there was no other God. For him alone is God Almighty, everlasting unto everlasting glory. All hope, all faith, all righteousness is in the hand of God. My God will glory and I will rejoice. Let all the children of God rejoice; for the LORD our God is good. His mercy endureth forever. The LORD our God is great. Mighty and wonderful is our God. Stand in confidence. The LORD God of Israel is our God.


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