Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee. Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our God shall bless us. God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear him (Psalm 67:5 – 7).

If all the earth will praise the LORD, where will the agonies, and the hurt be? If all the earth will lift up my God, where will the curses find their home? If this entire world will rejoice in the goodness of God, there shall be no curses upon this land. The atrocities that lurk in the dark and dawn in the morning shall not be. The horrors of the soul, and the disparities of hope shall not be. O Father, I will declare thy truth before the sons of man. My God will not deceive me. I tell you the truth. Righteousness is with me. The hope of our God is with me. [I know the smell of righteousness. I know the smell of God]. If man would praise my God, all shall live. I have seen the lovingkindness of this God. I have seen his mercy too. His faithfulness rises up to the heavens. The love of God, man has seen it — yet they despised it. They have cast away the hope of righteousness, yet they desire life. They have cast away the hope of my God, yet they desire joy. They have turned to the ways of other gods, and have bring my God to jealousy. They have bring this burden upon themselves, and this land. A land that should prosper shall now go vain. The streets shall be laden with dust, and the corruption of their souls. The word of God they will not heed to. But the word of wickedness, they cling to. A crocked heart and a sick head shall find no glory. A land of the dead shall find no peace. But I will declare the word of the living God. I will declare his truth to his people. I will say to them, sing a song for my God. Lift up your hands, and praise this God. Rend your hearts, and not your garments. Love the LORD with all your heart. Praise him without ceasing. Praise him in all your ways. Praise him in the day and in the night. Praise him all the day long. If all will praise my God, he shall repent from the agonies of his soul. If all will fast and pray and worship this God, we shall find joy upon the hill. We shall find sunshine in the morning. Dewdrops shall fall upon our heads. The LORD shall bless our souls. And prosperity shall come to this land. All it takes is the humility of man, and the wisdom of God. O Father. All it takes is for the people to seek the countenance of God. All it takes is repentance, repentance from our wickedness. All it takes is honesty before God, the pleading of our souls, and the rejoicing in the hope of God.

Nations who desire the goodness of God must honor him. Nations who desire the lovingkindness of God must praise his name. Who is man without wisdom that he will not stand up before God, and exalt him? Who is man who lies in the billows of the waves, yet he will not cry out to God? Who is he that will bring curse upon himself? Who are they that will bring curse upon this nation? Who are they that will bring curse upon this land? This earth shall grow old, and it shall mourn. O Father. It shall mourn in its wickedness. What shall the hope of this world be without God? What shall the destiny of man be without the LORD? The arrogance of a man’s heart brings forth foolishness. Who shall eat of this treasure? Who shall live by the spoils of his bowels? Who shall declare vanity, yet prosper? Who shall not praise God, yet shall he live? All desire heaven, but they will not praise God. The whole head is sick. I have seen the wisdom of a baby who suck after his mother’s breast. Yet, I tell you, his wisdom counts for more than that of the wicked. This land shall find no joy in wickedness. This land shall find no glory in hell. Curse be men who honor other men, and not God. Curse shall it be; for men have gone mad. The whole head is sick. They desire wickedness, yet the say they shall reap the goodness of God. They bear fruits of disgrace and rotten spoils, yet they want to rejoice. There shall be no rejoicing in the land of desolation. There shall be no rejoicing in the pit. I am here to tell you that the vanities of man have brought curse upon this land. Men who will not praise God will find no pleasures with God. This land shall grow old and weary. It shall grow old and weak. It shall falter. It shall be broken like a vessel. It shall be of no use. Wickedness has eaten up its glory. All the rivers shall be spoiled. A land without God shall not prosper.

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