There is none like my God. For this very reason, I love the LORD. Yea, I love a God who comes to me with his truth, his message of hope, and strength. And who shall say that my God will not come? I have seen the light of this God that will not go dim. I have seen the beauty of a faithful God on High. A God that comforts, reassures, and sheweth mercy and grace is my God. I tell you the truth, the living God of Israel is a good God. He is the One that I call on when my soul is in agony; for I know that my God will be faithful unto me. The ways of this God I adore. I adore the blessed hand of righteousness. The hope and the glory of the LORD, who can understand it? Yet I say to all, put your truth in God, a God that never fails. This beauty of mine has shine upon the mountain. A beacon of light to a soul in misery, he is the Christ that delivered a blessed hope. And who will come with the gift of salvation, lest he be the Son of man? Who will bring to his beloved words of inspiration to uplift and give strength in doubt and in weakness, but a God who loves. Mighty is the ways of my God. Mighty shall it be from everlasting unto everlasting. Upon this God I will crown with glory and honor. To the ends of this world, let all lift up the God of Israel. JEHOVAH, my blessed hope, O LORD God, prosper in all your ways. You bring joy to my heart. And you have caused my veins to flow with the live and love of a God that will not go away. What can man say then, that hope cometh to the one who will praise a righteous God? Hope cometh on the wings of eagles. And truth cometh on the wings of a dove. My LORD will have glory today. RIGHTEOUSNESS will rise up today, I tell you.

This God has shown me so much grace. In the claws of destruction, at the hands of the enemy, who can save the wicked, except the God of grace? O, the gracious hands of God I adore. I adore this God of Israel who have redeemed my soul from the violence of corruption. O LORD God, to whom I praise, thou art the joy of my heart. My soul is made sweet because of the hand of God. My tears have crept out of cravesses for thy goodness sake. O Father, I will extol you my God, on High. And who shall say that the truth of the living God will not flow with living water? Yet I say, the truth of the living God shall flow like many rivers. And who shall stop it? Who shall say, let truth subside, and let us not magnify this God? I have seen the terrible ways of a God on High. Yet, I say to all, God way is a delight in all the land. Who is better than my God who have stretch forth the heavens? Who is better that the God who have created all things heaven and earth? There is none. Yea, there is One that liveth, and One that saves. He is my LORD and my God.

My tears have crept out of cravesses for thy goodness sake. My rivers of living water are not made dry because of thee. You have shown me your faithfulness. O LORD God, my hope and my glory. To whom shall I stand and endure such beauty? To whom shall I stand and endure such love? My God, my hope is in you, my RIGHTEOUSNESS. My darling, my love, my heart is joyful in thee. O Father, I remember thy ways. I remember thy love. I remember a God who comes and will not leave. I remember a God who forsake not his servant. Before the sons of man, I will lift up my God; for my God lifted me up from the depths of hell. I will declare the name RIGHTEOUSNESS, and I will put my God on High. I have seen the love of God. His mercy and grace have beseech me. There is none like my God whose glory is in the highest heaven. Let my God be blessed in all the land. Let all praise the name of the LORD. Him alone is God. Worthy is the name of my God.


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