When I call upon my God he came. He was there in a hurry. And my God did not come empty handed. He came with bountiful treasures, treasures of everlasting glory and the precious hope of the living God. Hell was shaken, and the heavens rejoiced in the name of my God. My LORD, my LORD, my blessed hope and the light of this world, the glory of Zion shall rejoice forever. He shall rejoice in the congregation of the living. He shall rejoice in the presence of the saints. The mercy and the lovingkindness of the LORD shall be magnified in the meek, and the humble thereof shall glorify God. The wisdom of God shall be everywhere. And we shall feast with the beauty of God. We shall feast, I tell you; for the excellency of our God has come a full. Who shall delight in a God of such glory? Who shall delight in a King so precious and sweet? Who shall delight in such beauty, so beautiful is the LORD? Who shall delight in such glory that is magnified in the word of God? Who shall say, we have feasted on the truth; we have eaten the body of Christ; we have drunk the blood of the Lamb? Living water of our God has quenched our thirst, and the spoils of our bowels bring forth righteousness. Who shall delight in a God of such hope, a God who has washed my eyes with his tears, steady my path, and has bestowed glory upon glory upon me? The children of hope and the Salvation of our God shall delight in this truth. This God of mine is a delight. He bringeth forth gifts, beautiful gifts to his servant. We shall delight in a God as such, a God who holds all the glory in his hand. All the power is the LORD’s. And who shall boast on our God, my God? Who shall call out to the heavens with me, and lift up my God? Who shall glorify our blessed Savior with me? I am calling all the saints of the living God; for my Spirit is rejoicing in the hope of Salvation. I am calling all of you to stand up and glorify this God, this God who come to me with glory. Rejoice with me. Rejoice with me; for the heavens are rejoicing now. My God has stretched forth his hands, and he has made his way to his servant. I have called on beauty. I have called on my love, my darling, my God. And he has come with treasures, bountiful treasures, that I shall glorify him in this truth. This God is a faithful God. I have seen the faithfulness of my God, and I delight with all my heart. I delight; for I have seen glory. Glory has touched my soul, and my heart is full of the joy of the LORD. Yea, I tell you the truth. The hand of God is upon me. This is my song; for I have said to the LORD that I shall sing him a new song. I shall sing him a song so sweet, sweeter than honey, that the heart of my God shall be filled with joy. O LORD my God, my blessed Savior, my joy, live forever. O Father: This is my song to you, my LORD.

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