The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them ( Proverbs 11:3).

A righteous man shall find favor with God. But who shall honor the dead? Who shall say, let the ways of damnation prevail? Who shall say, let us mount up desolation, and bring forth its worth? Who shall find glory in the depths of hell, and rejoice in desolation? Who is he that desires corruption, yet shall he live? Death shall cloak him who has departed from the integrity of my God. But him who has considered the beauty of holiness shall live in the glory of God. This is the wisdom of those who fear the LORD. This is the wisdom of my God. My darling bringeth truth to the hearts of his beloved. He bringeth everlasting life. He bringeth hope and the abundance of glory. Yea, this is my God in whom I delight. Yea, this is my hope of righteousness upon the hill. This is my glory, my beacon of light. This is my God to whom I cleave.

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait on thee (PSALM 25:21).

I stand with integrity. I stand with joy. I stand with hope. I stand with truth. I stand with the Rock. I stand with my God who stood with me. I stand with righteousness. I stand with my God upon the hill. I stand with glory; for glory has behold me. Glory has restored my hope, and has caused me to dance. He has caused me to rejoice and praise his name. My heart is full of love for my God because he has glorified me. And I shall glorify my God. I shall stand with him. I shall cleave to my God, and I shall not leave him. And I know that my God will not forsake me. O LORD God, I stand with thee who have shew me the goodness of your heart. Your merciful grace you have poured upon me. You have restored my hope and my confidence in you. You have bring me to a place of understanding. You have said that I shall live. You have given me wisdom and caused me to fear thee. O what wisdom you have given me. O what joy you have put in my heart. Now I stand here before your people with a boasting tongue. I stand here and say to all, my God created the heavens and the earth. All that you see is the LORD’S. All the glory his his. And the power is his too. The LORD is blessed in a mighty way. Rejoice in this truth who love the LORD. Rejoice in your God, my God. Rejoice in him who giveth Salvation, and has caused beauty to rise up. Him who sitteth on high shall be glorify. The LORD is my God; him shall I praise. Him shall I honor. Him shall I boast in. Yea, all the days of my life I shall boast in the LORD. This truth he has put in my heart. And who shall remove it? Is there such a man. I say, there is no man who can stand against the glory of God, not now, not ever.

Who shall stand before the LORD and say, I know not thy truth because my eyes were blind? My God delivered Israel from bondage, shall he not deliver you if you call on the name of my God? Will you burden my God who has lifted up Isreal from the grave? From the hand of the wip he has delivered. From the lion’s jaw he has delivered. From the snare that was hidden in the dark net, he has delivered. Shall anything stand in the way of my God, I ask you? Who is like unto this God of Israel? Shall anyone deny my God his purpose? Shall anyone stand against truth, and prevail?I have seen the works of my God, and there is none who could derail the works of this righteous God. He is my confidence. This is the LORD whom I have placed my trust in. Only him can save! Only him can deliver! Only in him I shall boast; for I know the name of the LORD my God. I have seen his works, and I love them. I have seen his glory standing before me. I have seen it in the midst. I have seen it all around me. I have seen the hand of God, and I love it. I have seen the works of the One God who purpose will be. I have seen the Spirit of the living God, the Spirit of truth and the blessed hope. I have seen the mighty God of Israel; he speaks to me every day. Look up to the heavens, and you will see the truth of the living God. Look up, and you will see what the word of my God has ordained. The beauty of my God is indeed beautiful. The hand of my God is precious. My God is the true and living God. My God is him who sits in the highest heaven on the circle of the earth. Now I stand, and say to the world that my God has opened my eyes and caused me to see beauty. He has caused me to see his love above me. He has caused me to rejoice in his love. I am awakened by the right hand of God. I am awakened by a God who glorifies. I am awakened by everlasting truth, and the glory of God is magnified in this. O wonderful hope, my precious LORD, I shall love thee with all my heart. My soul shall thirst for thee in the morning. I shall desire thy beauty at night, and thy comfort I shall grasp. I shall honor you, and bless you without measure. You are my light upon the rock; my everlasting hope that shines with the beauty of holiness; my joy; my morning star; my delight; my first love. O Papa, you have comforted me in ways I do not understand. You have abode with me, even in the midst of the heathen. The glory of the LORD will not be contained by wickedness. The glory of the LORD will not be contained by mere mortals, infidels. It will not be contained by the hand of corruption. And who shall consider his ways better than the LORD’S is a fool. Who shall consider his wisdom superior is blind. Who shall say, I will stir up wickedness in the land of the living, and it shall prevail is a fool. The LORD God Almighty shall prevail against the destruction of the beast. He shall prevail against the viles of evil.

I stand with my God who stand in the light. I stand with integrity. I stand with truth. I stand with the light and the glory of God. I stand with righteousness. I stand with the hope of Zion. I stand with the LORD my God; for he has stood with me. And what shall they say? Shall they say that the LORD God of Israel is my God? Shall they say that the glory of God is upon him and has caused him to speak this way? Yea, the glory of God is upon me. It is upon me in a mighty way. And who shall stand against this glory shall not prevail. They shall not prosper, not now, not ever. I stand with my God. I stand with everlasting glory. I stand against the viles of the wicked, and the hope of desolation. I stand against corruption that destroy the fabric of society. I stand against death that burden righteousness. I stand against men of destruction who will not seek the light upon the hill. I stand against the self righteous, and against the cruelty of envy and jealousy. I stand against those who detest the work of God. They have stood for their own glory and not God’s. Yet they rejoice in wickedness. But I have eyes to see the viles of evil. I have eyes to see the tempest. I have eyes to see who you are; for the LORD has made it so. Shall you burden my God then, with your wickedness, and your vain glory? Or shall you seek this God, and repent of your sins? No child of Satan will see the kingdom of God. None! There will be no corruption in heaven. You think the glory of God is not upon me, wait. Wait, and I will tell you things you do not understand. I will tell you truth that this God has hidden from you. I will bring forth glory, and I will praise my God. I will stand in the light of the living God, and you will know that I am a man of God. You will know that I am a servant of the true Shepherd. You will know that the Christ who died on the Cross is my God. In him I live because he liveth. O stand, righteousness has stand up like a rock. O heaven, the beauty I behold my God. The glory of my God shall not cease! The light upon the hill shall shine forever. Zion shall dance. We shall sing a beautiful song. The LORD my God shall dance.

I stand with the mighty God of Israel. Holy is his name. I said, Holy is the name of the LORD! And what shall they say? For the LORD is my rod and my staff; he comforts me. O righteousness, O righteousness, I shall lift thee up. To the ends of the world, the glory of my God shall be. And who shall stand against it shall not prevail. Who shall stand against my LORD shall find desolation. O what desolation they shall find. Corruption shall find no glory. And the beast shall find no strength in hell. But those who stand with integrity and the hope of Salvation shall rejoice. Those who stand with Christ shall dine in the liberty of this God. This is the glory of God; eat of it and live. You O LORD God is Almighty God; this truth I know. All else is vanity. Vanity shall cease!

I will tell you the truth. If the word of God burden you today, then you are not fit for the kingdom of God. If it burdens you today, then you are not ready to face my God. If you desire unrighteousness and the viles of destruction, then you are not ready to meet my God. The place of glory shall feast on my God. It shall be a place of everlasting glory. It shall be a place of everlasting truth. It shall be a place of everlasting praises unto the LORD. These things I bring to you that you shall know the ways of my God. Do you not believe that this God has put it in my heart? I tell you, the day will come come when he will remind some of you of these same words. Yea, and what shall you say then? Shall you say that he burden me with the word of God? Shall you say that he did not try to stir me in the path of righteousness? I tell you, nothing is hidden from this God. Believe it. Stand with integrity. Stand with my God. Stand with the Rock that shall not be shaken. Stand with the LORD who saves.


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