Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, who God is the LORD (Psalm 144:15).

Who will you call in time of need? Who will you call when the mountain has fallen, and turned into the valley? Who will you call when the sea is rough, and the ship is sinking? Who will you call in the night of terror, and when the day has turned gloomy? Who will you call when death is knocking at your door? Who will you call in the day of famine, and when pestilence is upon this land? Who will you call when you stand in the midst of the hopeless, and their agonies compass you? Who will you call when the fear of God has come upon men who knoweth not this God? Who will you call when rivers are flowing with sorrows, and the tears of vanity are overflowing? Who will you call when my God has become weary of man and their disobedience? Will you still seek men? Will you still seek them who cannot deliver you? I ask all of you, will your corruption save you in the days that are coming? Will they safe you then; for I tell you the terror of the LORD is upon this nation. The deeds of wickedness have exceeded their glory. They have exceeded the agonies of my God. And what shall they say to my God now? What shall they say when it is too late? What shall they say when the LORD has girdle up his loins for war? Shall they say that my God will not do these things? Shall they say that the love of God will overcome it? Yea, the LORD shall overcome the viles of his enemies. All those who hate the LORD shall find no pleasure. All those who hate my God shall not rejoice. The word of my God is true. Yea, it was true in the beginning. And so, it shall be true in the end of this world. I stand here with the anointing of my God. And I tell you these things which my God has given me.

Let all come to terms with their hearts; for who shall try to deceive this God shall find no joy. Those who say they are Israel and they are not, they shall go. For all of Isreal is not Israel. Thus saith the LORD, come out from among them that despise me. Rejoice not in their evil ways. There are some who call the name of the LORD; yet they are chanting all sorts of wickedness. The LORD will have none of it. They want to serve my God and other gods; my God will have none of it.

Who will you call in the time of trouble? When the burdens are too much to bear and the comfort is lacking, when there is no one to give a helping hand, who will you call? Who will you call when thy souls are in bondage and the viles of the enemy surround thee? When the spirit is stirred up and there is agony, who will you call? When man cannot give you answers and the burdens are too much for they to carry, who will you call? When you are knocking at the door and no one is listening, who do you call? You shall call on the LORD, the name of our God. You shall call on Jesus; for the LORD my God hears the voice of his servant.

The mighty hand of God is a good hand. All great things cometh from the LORD. And the Spirit of God is a living Spirit, the Spirit that giveth light to the world, and all good things to come. O Spirit of the great and mighty God, you have come to the aid of your servant. You have stretched out your path that he may walk. You have poured your Spirit in him. Living water, dear God, you maketh him to drink. The heart of my God bring forth joy to his servant. I have seen the hand of God; it is a beautiful hand. And all his ways are wonderful, a delight to his servants. I have seen the Salvation of God. I have seen it, and my soul rejoices in it. I have seen the walls of destruction fallen, and the desolation of hell subsided. I have seen the hand of our God. I have seen the tempest broken. I have seen the liberty of Christ, and the justice of our God. I have seen beauty rise up like the sun. I have seen the wonders of my God, and I have boasted in the LORD. I have said, this is my God. And who knows not the ways of my God knows not the beauty of holiness. I have seen the LORD rejoice in the midst of his beloved. I have seen the joy of the LORD, and it is good. O Father, it is good. Blessed is thy name! Blessed is the most High God!

The LORD has gripped my soul, and I am glad. O Father, thy servant knowest this truth. He has caused me to rejoice in the midst of darkness. He has said, my soul is in his hand. O what beauty he has bestowed upon it. O what joy has comfort it. The LORD is my God. He is always my God. Even from the beginning, so it was; so shall it be for eternity. I have called my beautiful God, and he is indeed beautiful. So many tears have flown from my eyes. The LORD has made my eyes to see. O, the lovingkindness and the joy of my God, how can I not rejoice in the goodness of the LORD? He has bestowed glory upon me. O what glory he has bestowed that I shall see. The bountiful hand of God has poured out his treasure upon my soul. O my darling, my love, he comforts me. He is my armor, my shield whom I call in times of war. Yea, my God is also a God of war (Exodus 15:3). And don’t you forget it. And who shall defeat the hand of God? Let them rise so they may fall. O LORD God, my heart is joyful in thee. My hope is in the LORD. My confidence, O LORD, overflows with thy grace. O mercy, wonderful mercy of the living God cometh my way. O Father, O Holy One of Israel, the Supreme God, my LORD, liveth forever. I shall cover my God with prosperity, and I shall crown him with beauty. My darling, rejoice my darling. The heavens shall rejoice in the name of my God. And all the glory of the LORD my God shall come a full. O magnify the LORD with me, saints of the living God. Let those who love my God magnify him. Let us stand before the Lamb of God, the redeemer of our souls. Let us stand before our God, and magnify him. Let us glorify the blessed name of the LORD. Let us praise our God, who scantified us in his blood. Yea, we are happy people because the LORD is our God. Blessed be his holy name. O Father, blessed be thy name forever.


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