You say, there is no God. Yet, the destruction is before your faces. Blind men will not see. The heart of a blind man is full of death. This truth all shall know; for the hand of God is upon me. The ways of the wicked shall find no glory before God. The brutish will fall, and they will fall hard. And who shall pick them up? Who shall pick up the desolation of the land? Who shall say, let us cling to their destruction, and feast on their death? Him who will not see, shall he see then? Shall he see that death has no glory? Shall he see that the path of destruction has encompassed him? Shall he see then? O, dishonor has gripped his feet, and disgrace has fallen upon his head. He shall linger in his destruction, yet shall he seek no truth. He desires death. But the truth of the living God he will not desire. O, the viles of his ways have not forsaken him. He cleaves to them without the understanding and the wisdom of the LORD. Behold, the hand of God shall bring forth glory. And the prosperity of the LORD man shall see it. Man shall see that he who is mighty and great is LORD and God above all. Man shall see the light of the living God rising above darkness. Man shall see glory brighter than a shining star. Man shall see hope and the hopefulness of his glory. And who shall stand against God shall see destruction. Let the light of the living God come forth as righteousness before man. Let his honor and glory be put on High. O, he is LORD Almighty. Lift him up. Lift up my God on High, and rejoice in the beauty of holiness. O, the blessed hope is in the Salvation of God. Who shall eat of it shall taste the glory of God. Who shall eat of it shall see the light that shineth beyond the mountain. O, the hand of God and the glory of holiness has come. That men who seek the LORD seeketh life. Their days shall prosper, and their steps shall be guided in truth. O, praise the LORD, the hope of all. O, praise his blessed name. Let all men lift up this God. Let them glorify his blessed name. Thus saith the LORD, I am the LORD thy God. I come before you with righteousness that you shall live. Let my way be unto you a beacon of light. That you shall not stumble, nor shall you see death.


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