Thou shall have no other gods before me. Thou shall not bow down thyself before them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God is a jealous God, visiting the inequities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments (Exodus 20:3, 5, 6).

Thou shall not honor other gods. Thou shall not worship them; for the LORD my God is our God. Thou shall put away your ways of wickedness, and turn to God. Harden not your hearts to the LORD; for the day of reckoning is coming, thus saith the LORD my God.

Wearing wigs in evil if they are sacrificed unto other gods. And you are worshipping these gods if you put this on your heads or bring this abomination into your homes. And why would you want to put that on your heads anyway which is of another? Why would you even consider it? Have you thought about the honor of God? Have you thought about his beautiful hand and the glory he has bestowed upon you? Or did you dismiss it in your quest for vanity? The glory of the LORD you trample on to seek the glory of wickedness. You have stood among corruption. And death has compassed you everywhere, and yet you do not see. You have said, I seek beauty not from my God, but from the hands of the devil. Where is the love for my God? Where is the love for my God, I ask all of you? Will you serve these other gods, and yet serve my God? Will you consider it a joy unto the LORD? Will he delight in the hands of wickedness? Thou shall love the LORD thy God with all thy heart. Thou shall honor him. Thou shall put no other gods before him. For he is a jealous God. His name is Jealous. And I have come before you to tell you about my jealous God. I have come before you that the fear of God will come upon you. I have come, and I will not compromise. I will lay down the truth of the living God as he has given it to me. I will stir up before you the hand of the living God. And you shall know that the LORD thy God has send me. He has send me to tell you about your evil ways, and to bring you out of the path of destruction. He has send me with the hand of glory. And who shall detest the way of the LORD, let them be; for they know not the LORD my God. They know not the LORD who anger shall stir up against a disobedient people.

Do you not believe that it is evil to consider the hands of other gods? Do not not believe that if you will not consider this God, then this God will not consider you? If you know what is right, then depart from what is wrong. O preverse generation, where is your understanding and your obedience unto God? Where have you hidden them? Are they beneath the wigs that you deck your heads with? Are they concealed in thy beauty, so vain a thing? Behold the glory of the LORD will not cease to come before you. Behold the God that liveth liveth forever, and his heart shall find no pleasure in disobedience. His heart shall not rejoice by the hand of the wicked. Truth shall mount up upon truth. But who shall eat the lies of a man’s heart? Shall he bring upon thy soul deceit, the fallacies of destruction? Shall he cause thee to stumble; for thou art blind? Hear the LORD my God, the mighty One of Israel, who bringeth forth truth that you shall abide and prosper.

Why put upon your heads the covering of another? Why deck yourselves with glory so vain? Think not of man nor thyself. But think of the LORD that your actions will please him. Depart from your way of understanding, and cling to the way of the LORD. The faithfulness of the LORD is unto all generations. He has established the earth, and it abideth. They continue to this day according to his ordinances; for all are his servants (Psalm 119:90 &91). Are you also servants of this mighty God who shall abide in the LORD? Or are you servants to other gods? What you may regard as beautiful is not beautiful in the sight of God. But what God regard as beautiful is beautiful indeed. Beauty is in the heart of a man. All else is vanity. I have seen the ways of vanity, and it shall perish. Who shall regard it in the dark and the depths of desolation? Your beauty is not by the hand of other men or other gods. For what is made by the hands of God is already beautiful. And why should you desire what another man has? Is it not written in the Bible that is against the law of God. And did the LORD not said that you are above all people? O Israel, where is your understanding? Have you changed the word of God to satisfy your desires? Have you distorted it in order to trample on the truth of the living God? I will stand with truth, and I will lay in down on the Rock, which is Christ; for the hand of God is upon me. My God has put it in my heart, and I cannot run from it.

Why adore yourselves with hair that have been sacrificed to other gods? Are their gods now your God? You have taken what is evil and put on thy heads. You have bring this wickedness into your homes. How good is this evil? How beautiful is this evil you cling to? You adore yourselves with this abomination. This is a disgrace unto God. It is vain in the sight of God. Why rejoice in it? Why take pleasure in it? Is the glory unto other gods better than our God? I say, none shall compare to the glory of the living God. Many will stand before God in shame; for their true allegiance is revealed in their hearts. If something is even questionable, why partake of it? Why take the chance to bring God to jealousy. Now that I have bring this to your awareness, you shall depart from it, lest you deck yourselves with evil, and the viles of corruption. I will bring all in accordance with God, and I will lay his truth before thee. Open thy eyes, and let the glory of the LORD rest upon thy heads. Let all vain things depart from thee that you shall prosper in the ways of the LORD; and his honor shall behold you. Why reject the freedom of the LORD and put yourselves into bondage? You are a beauty, a chosen people in the sight of God. You are above all. Let not your ignorance cause thee to bring God to jealousy. If you know what is wrong, yet abide in it, God will treat you as such, disobedient, without understanding. And he shall regard your action as rebellious before him.

Wigs of wickedness, this is a detraction of beauty, an attachment of shame, a distortion of truth, a sin against God. For the lies that are sealed beneath them honor other gods. Wigs of wickedness, this is a disgrace before God, a dishonor before God. Wigs of wickedness, a vanity so vain, a beauty so corrupted, who shall consider it? Who shall consider other gods before my God? He that knoweth not his way, and have lost sight of the glory of God. Is not the hand of God a wonderful hand? Yet, who is man that he would desire otherwise? Who is man that he shall flee from righteousness, and burden himself with corruption? O Father, your hand I love. Your beauty I behold. Who shall say, let us put upon our heads wigs of another? Let us seek beauty; for the hand of God is not beautiful enough. Let us desire imperfection; for we are blind and cannot see. Who have given us understanding that we should know? Who is God who have made us with righteous hands? Shall we consider him? Shall we consider perfection that no one can deny? You have departed from my way, and you have cleaved to the way of evil. You desire not what is holy. But you seek that which is unholy. Shall the sins of thy hands make thee beautiful? Shall the ways of the wicked exalt thee? Shall you put upon my jewel a disgrace? Let my truth behold you, and let my ways be not far from you. You say my covering is not beautiful, and my shade is not a glory. But you seek the tempest of evil, and a glory so vain. Who have caused you to defile your beauty? Who have caused you to defile your God? Who have caused thee to put jealousy in the heart of God? You have done wrong before God, and all must seek repentance.

You have seen beauty like a rising star. Yet you say, put away the star: my heart desires darkness. I shall put upon my head a crown of disgrace. Then I shall call it beauty. You have disregarded the pleasantries of the LORD, and you desire the tempest of evil. Who shall make thee more beautiful than God? Is not the hand of God a beautiful hand? How precious is the LORD: those who adore him adore themselves. You have caused shame to seep into thy bossom. You have done wrong before God. You have said in your hearts, the perfection of God is imperfect. You have said to the potter, I desire not your way. Is there a better way than the way of God? Can anything compare to the precious LORD? It is a sin to think that way. Did not the marker make thee with righteous hands? Did not he see that you were good, made in his image and likeness, and he blessed you? Did not he honor you and put into thy hands dominion over all that is in the earth and in the seas, even the birds of the heavens? How dare you say, that the hand of God is not a good hand? How dare you consider the customs of evil, and seek the ways of the wicked? Shall you call evil good and good evil? The whole head is sick. You dishonor God in seek of evil. You say, look at me; now I am beautiful. So vain the glory and a beauty so corrupted. You stand before God in wickedness; shall he rejoice? Shall he say, my beauty is turned into shame? You have defiled yourselves in ignorance. And all must come to the awareness of truth. All must know that the hand of God is beautiful. And who shall say otherwise know not the beauty of the LORD. I have seen beauty before my eyes. I have seen the ways of the LORD. And it is good. Live in this truth. Depart from your way, and live in the ways of God. If you have made a covenant with the LORD, then keep it. Be mindful what you put on your heads. Be mindful that you do not worship other gods. Put no god before my God. Be mindful, the LORD God of Israel is our everlasting God. Blessed be the name of the LORD my God.


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