Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes (Job 42:6).

Man must repent of their sins. Repentance is humility before God. Surely, those who will not repent show no humility and meekness worthy unto God. God sees fit to forgive a man who will admit his wrongs. And this God knows fully well that pride must leave a man who shall rejoice in the judgement of God. This earth is not reserved for all men. But the meek shall inherit the earth. The brutish will fall. And who will not confess his sins to God is a fool. There is no other way to put it. The kingdom of God will not have fools in it. Pride shall pave the streets of hell. But the kingdom of heaven shall be paved with the meekness of God. I am a servant of God, and I will bring you the truth of the living God. Eat of it and live. For I tell you this truth. If it taste bitter in your mouth, you shall see death. But if it taste sweet in your mouth, behold, glory be to God; for the truth of God abide in thee. Thus saith the LORD, Wisdom is in the hearts of those who love the LORD. And death is in the hearts of those who despise him. Their bitterness is vain and so too their glory. The LORD will redeem a sinner who is sincere in repentance. But the brutish shall see death. This is the end of him.

I have seen the mercy of God. I have seen his love and compassion. I have seen the grace of eagles that will not leave. I have seen truth standing before me. I have seen it embrace me with the wings of my God. I have seen a beauty so beautiful that the mind cannot imagine and the heart cannot perceive. I have seen grace and the magnitude of it. Behold, I tell you, the treasures of the LORD have compassed me. That I come before you today to bring you wisdom of the living God. The LORD desires that all man live. And him who desires a heart of stone, who can sway him? The truth of the living God is a testament to the love of God. That men who feast in it feast in glory. The hand of God has done a marvelous thing that can’t be measured, by sending Christ to die on the Cross for our sins. That those who believe his Son Jesus Christ shall have everlasting life. Let all men humble themselves before God, and partake of his salvation. God hates pride, but he loves humility. I can testify to that. I have seen the strength of humility before God. I have seen a faithful God who answers me when I call him. I have seen a forgiving God, a God of mercy. I have seen the light and hope of all men, in glory. I have seen life, and I have seen it abundantly. I have seen my God on High, and I have seen the glory of the LORD. I have called out to the highest heaven and extol my God. Yea, I have exalted my God, over, and over again. And my God is pleased that I have done it. And who shall say otherwise; let them say. But I will say to the ends of the earth, that the LORD God Almighty is a wonderful God. He is my God. He is my Glory. He is my beauty that rest upon my soul. He is my hope, and the blessings of my God I shall not withhold.

O Father, you have lifted up my soul from the grave. You have considered me, O LORD God, your son. You have put your light in me and your glory upon me. You have declared truth, and my heart has received it. You have written it dear God, and who shall remove it? Is there such a man that liveth? For the hand of God is a beautiful hand. My heart desires the beauty of my God. You are my Father. And you have stood close to me. You have kept your eyes on me. You have called me a jewel, a precious jewel of the living God. Behold, I am the apple of thy eye. I am the product of righteousness. Holy is your name, O LORD, who have created me. The hand of God shall prosper in all the land. Truly, I tell you, there is no other god like my God. I will bless my God in the highest. And the saints shall rejoice in the anointing of the LORD.

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