If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me: if I say, I am perfect, it shall also prove me perverse (Job 9:20).

The perfection is in the beauty of the LORD. We are imperfect, yet we seek the perfection of God. We seek to be like our God; for he is a perfect God. This is the task without end. For how can the clay be like the potter? Yet, we will endure, a task of such magnitude, for the sake of righteousness. The son desires to be like his Father. Yet his endeavor, though how tremendous, shall not cease for righteousness’ sake. For God maketh man in his image and likeness. And those who are of God will pursue a perpetual endeavor of perfection. We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But with God, Christ is our way to perfection. Sin is the adversary of perfection. But Christ is the destroyer of sin. We who are Christ’s are also in the image and likeness of God. God will justify whom he is well pleased. The God without sin will have this honor.

Will the kingdom of heaven be a place of imperfection? It shall not be so. Sorry for the wicked who think their evil deeds will get them to heaven. The wisdom of fools shall have no honor with God. Wickedness shall not endure the perfection of God. And a beauty so vain shall it endear this truth? All that is in the kingdom of God will be perfect. Hear me when I tell you, the hand of God is perfect. And there is no perfection in corruption. There is no perfection in everlasting death. There is no perfection in a world that is full of pride. And the desolation of the wicked shall not feast in the kingdom of God. I am here to tell you this truth. If you will turn away from your wicked ways, you will see the face of God. If you will turn to Christ, then your glory shall be full. And your honor shall be honorable; for him that justified also glorified. This is the perfection of my God. His soul desires it, and you too shall long for the beauty of God. All that is in the kingdom of God will be perfect, washed by the blood of the Lamb. Only the blood of Christ can restore the perfection of man. As it was in the beginning so shall it be. Man shall be in the image of God, without spot or blemish, without death, and the imperfection of sin. And the land of beauty shall be beautiful indeed. From the hand of beauty cometh beauty. Who have considered the beautiful hands of God? Is he not like a child, born again in Christ, redeemed in the perfection of the blood?

Shall all the days of thy life be sufficient a task to endeavor? The wonders of God are many. Who can account for all of them, lest he be God? All have seen what eyes can see. All have perceived what the heart will allow. Yet the wonders of everlasting, how can they be perceived by vain men? Him who is infinite in glory is also infinite in beauty. Oh how beautiful is our God in all his ways. The God that created me is the God that shall be anointed. The God that calleth my name is the God that I shall glorify. The God that brings me truth and give me his Holy Spirit that I shall prosper is the God that I shall love. Yea, when men despise him, I shall cling to him. I shall not forsake him. I will stand with my God as he has stood with me, and they shall know that he is my God. I shall lift him up, even in their midst. And I will declare things they do not understand. I will declare things that are righteous unto my God. And it shall be done; for the glory of God is upon me. The God that giveth me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, is the God that I shall praise. The God that watch over me with admiration and beauty is my God. The God that forgiveth my sins and answer my call is the God I hold dear to my heart. With the joy that is stirred up in the goodness of God, I shall lift up my God in the heavens. Yea, there shall be no measure to the magnitude of my praises. My God shall have an everlasting supply of exaltation. And the riches of his hand shall be sweet. You, O LORD, have caused my soul to rejoice in righteousness, and my heart to see beauty. You have caused me to prosper, and to walk in the path of sunshine. You have shown me O LORD, vanity, the pride of life. And you have kept me away from it. You have caused me to desire your way, that I shall live. Come forth and receive thy honor that I may bestowed upon you glory. Come forth my God; my heart desires it. O LORD God, thou knowest this truth. Come to thy son, O LORD, that you have created. Come forth my God and receive thy honor without measure, so vast in glory, fit only for my King. O Papa, receive it now, my God, as you always do. So faithful is my God in whom I put my trust, whom I love and desire, from everlasting unto everlasting.


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