Behold, my terror shall not make thee afraid, neither shall my hand be heavy upon thee (Job 33:7).

What shall I say to bring fear unto man? What shall I say that will harbor such wrath unto thy souls, that you will change from your wicked ways? Shall I bring wisdom to thee, which I yet seek, and know not my way? Yet, I say, God’s way is my way. And the wisdom of the Holy Spirit is sufficient unto me to declare the truth of God. Shall I not speak to you his words of instruction, and stand against unrighteousness? Shall I not declare the hopeful glory of my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ? It is not mine to give, yet I find glory in the LORD. Shall I not stand on liberty, the truth of the living God, the rock of salvation? His hands are beautiful, and his truth shall pave the way of righteousness. Harken unto me, and I shall teach thee wisdom which the LORD giveth to me.

And who shall considered me? Am I not like vanity who shall also see the grave? Shall you fear me, and I you? Shall we esteemed ourselves that we see not and sin against God? Shall we not render our hearts unto God, that him who sit on High shall rejoice? For God is God, him alone, who laid out honor, and has caused judgement to stand upright. He maketh the crocked straight. And whom he made crocked who can make straight? No one can change the path God has laid out. Shall vanity be so puffed up that it burst into misery? Shall we eat of its burden, and not eat death? Shall we hunger for a glory so vain? Who can be satisfied with its spoils? And who shall value its knowledge and consider its wisdom when it value a man nothing? Shall man cry out for death? Shall desolation be his honor and his grave? Shall he thrist for destruction, and shall his bowels bring forth spoils of disgrace?

Man in all his wisdom cannot prolong his own life. Shall he prolong yours then? The wisdom of unrighteousness bring forth wickedness. Wickedness is he that considered not God. Wickedness is he that opposes his maker. Wickedness is he that knoweth not his way, yet he will not seek the One who knoweth. For God who knows the end before the beginning, shall he not lead you to the path of glory? Shall he not bind thy soul with the riches of his kingdom? For I tell you the truth as the Spirit of the living God is in me. The God on High will lead you to a place of glory. He shall wash thy steps with butter, and cause rocks to pour out rivers of oil upon thee. The ways of God is marvelous. Who can deny this truth, yet consider himself so wise? For he knows not glory when he sees it. But shame shall cloak him with disappointment. And those who put their trust in God will feast in the riches only God can give. The Spirit of God is a delight unto all men. God’s way is precious; all men should seek it. For his way giveth everlasting life.

This is a good God, a God who seek to save the lives of the sinful. And all should run to God who secure eternal life. This truth, all shall eat and be full. When other run like mad men and know not their way, I will humble myself before God and walk with God who shall lead me to the gates of glory. I will seek the LORD for his wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. And I will desire his mercy and grace. I will stand before you and declare the hand of the Almighty. The truth you shall know. I will despise the corruption of men who stand against God. My hand shall desire righteousness. Yet, I say, my hand shall desire God. My hand shall desire beauty. So beautiful is my God.

This God on High is a God unlike any other god. I will crown my God with a crown of glory, and no one shall have that honor. I will lift up God as he has lifted me up from the depths of hell. And I will say to the world, the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, is my God. I will not hide my God. But I will let the truth feast in glory. And I will reach up to the heavens, and call out my God. Yea, the same God who has put his words into my heart. As the oceans are wide and their depths unreachable by man, as the mountains are high, and as the rivers roar with glory — so too is the LORD my God. Let all men humble themselves before God. Let all men honor God. As the four winds of God blow, let my God be honored. Who shall bring forth a beauty such delightful and true, but my God who sit on High? Blessed be his name. Almighty is he in all the land.


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