Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation is thy people (Exodus 33:3).

You cannot hate God, and love his grace. You cannot despise God, yet you want his mercy. THIS IS MY GOD TO WHOM I HAVE BESTOWED GLORY. This truth I bring to you, that you may understand my God. That you may know, the love and the grace and the mercy of God abideth in truth. God cannot show mercy to whom he has not shown grace. This is a package deal. They are intermingled together. They beseech each other. This is a harmonious relationship. The wisdom of God is the wisdom of order. If you are not known by God, you can rest assured that the grace of God is not with you. God giveth grace. And will he not know to whom he giveth? I tell you the truth — this God is wise. There is order in the camp of God. There is a system, a formality, that abides with God. If God is angry, he must repent of his anger to show mercy. If you stirred up the anger of God, then why look for mercy and grace? For this very reason, the inequities of man shall find no grace. A righteous God will show no grace to sin. There must be repentance, and the forgiveness of sin. This is the wisdom of God. All must repent before this God. If you repent of your sins, then, and only then, the grace of God can abide with you. Sin is detrimental to grace. And the abominations of man shall see no grace. For this is a Holy God.

THE HAND OF GOD IS MIGHTY. And I bring you this message of this mighty God. I am stirred up in the grace and the glory of God. Yea, I am a lover of God. If you have found grace with God, will the presence of God not abide with you? If the presence of God is not with you, then the grace of God is not with you. Without God, there is no grace; there is no mercy; there is no rest; there is no hope; there is no glory; there is no kingdom of heaven. Without God there is nothing good. You can tell the world that. I am a servant of the living God. This truth I bring to you. This truth I leave with you. There is no life without God; for death has eaten up all that is good. Death has consumed it. And many walk, consumed by death, without God; yet they say, we have the grace of God. They say, we are blessed and highly favored. Really. But I say to them, show me thy grace, and I will show you your God. For I know this God who abides in grace. I am a servant of this grace. But for many, God has left a long time ago, and so too his grace. He has taken it away from the brutish, the rebellious, and the wicked. You see, grace and God belongs together. Where you find one you will find the other. And so too, grace and mercy are married together. It is this relationship that abides with the love of God. And if you find no grace with God, there shall be no mercy. Believe me, you want to find grace with God. It is the love that only God can give.

Only a fool thinks he can survive without God. Only a fool thinks he can get to the kingdom of heaven without Christ. Fools will learn the hard way, grace and mercy don’t follow fools. So too grace and mercy flee from the evil. Consider this: will grace also find its way into the depths of hell? There will be no grace in hell — you can rest assured of that! There will be no mercy in hell! I told you grace and mercy go together. Where you find one you shall find the other. They are the hallmarks of the liberty of Christ. By grace we are saved, and not by our works. God sheweth mercy to whom he sheweth grace. If you are born of the Spirit of God, you will abide in this truth. Many have lost the grace of God. The mercy of God has fled from the unrighteous, and they know not their way. Without grace man is blind to the wisdom of God. And he leans to his own understanding regarding God’s truth. For the way of Christ is the way of mercy and grace.

This God has proclaimed a beautiful thing in the land of the living. How dare you despise it? How dare you trample on the grace and mercy of God? Yet you desire the blessings of God. Will God cling to the unrighteous? Will he pour his glory upon them? Will he defile his nature, his caracter, to please the wicked? It shall not be so; for the LORD my God is Holy. Narrow is the way that leads to the kingdom of God, and its path is paved with mercy and grace. This is the way of the LORD. If you are shown mercy and grace, you shall also find rest. For God giveth rest to those he has shown mercy and grace. For he said, if you abide in me, I shall give you rest. Do you have rest of this living God, I ask? Do you have the mercy and the grace of this living God? Then what do you have? For if you cannot find them, then seek the LORD. Go to the LORD, repenting in sincerity, that you shall find his grace. For if the grace of God abides with you, then you shall find mercy and rest. And so too the glory of God. For today I come with the mercy and the grace of God, resting in the hope and the glory of God. It is by the hand of God that this message is delivered to you. Seek the LORD my God, and you shall abide in this truth. Sin is deadly, and the redemption of sin, who can understand it? This is the mercy and the grace of God. Blessed be my God, for his mercy and grace and his rest. Blessed be my God, for his Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth who teaches me all things Christ, all things God. Blessed is my eternal hope, and my everlasting joy. Blessed is my faithful love, in whom I trust, and believe. Blessed is my God who will not leave me — this truth I know. Blessed is glory, so abundantly full.


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