GO INTO ALL THE LAND, AND PREACH THE GOSPEL. Where there is desolation bring hope. Where there is sadness bring joy. Bring what is fruitful, that they may live. Give them hope of the living God, that they may harken to your voice. Show unto them mercy, and let my grace be not far behind. Let them be unto me a children of hope, and their offerings, a sweet savor unto the LORD. Let my heart rejoice by the fruit of their hands. Let me rejoice in the sight of the saints, from everlasting unto everlasting.

Oh, the mercy of the LORD is good. Let them rejoice in it. Let them rejoice, saith the LORD God on High. I bring what is good that they may eat of it and live. I bring grace, and behold glory. I bring rest where there is unrest. I have done a good thing, that they may harken to my voice, and live. I fix what is broken. I mend the broken heart. I am the LORD; I bring life where there is death. I am the LORD; I bring hope in this land. DON’T THIRST, LEST YOU THIRST FOR THE LORD. On the wings of eagles, I bring hope. And it shall not fall to the ground. It shall restore light, from everlasting unto everlasting. It shall do these things, that man may live, and not die. It shall behold glory. And glory shall behold it. They shall merge with understanding, in the wisdom, and the knowledge of God. Yea, look, there is grace; there is mercy; there is hope; there is rest. Look and you shall see the LORD; for all these things are his. Look, there is life — WONDERFUL is his name, and sweet is his joy.

Introduce Glory to the world. Let them see me, and come unto me. Let them believe, and know that I am LORD and God above all. I am he that liveth forever. I am he that has shamed death, and put glory on the mount. Yea, I am that One, the faithful, holy One of Israel. I am he that redeemeth the souls of many, that they may testify to my truth. When they cried I harkened unto them. I delivered. I bring hope to the hopeless. I bring rest to he that has no rest. I have taken the condemn, and I have made kings and priests out of them. I am the LORD thy God. Before me there was none. I do these things, and no one can change them. I do what is right. I declare things, and the come to pass. I bring justice where there is none. I bring light where there is none. I remove desolation and destruction from the way. I heal the sick, and I feed the poor. I comfort the lonely, the widow in her sorrows. All of mine shall feast in glory. They shall be a people of hope and glory. Their steps shall be steps of grace, and their feet as righteousness. I am the LORD thy God. I do these things.

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