O how cunning the beast. O how desperate the wicked one. O how savage the lion. O how evil the heart. O how vile the thoughts of men who have no shame, and know not their destruction. O how corrupt a soul that seeketh righteousness in himself. O how vain the glory of the blind. He clings to death; for all his glory is so vain. And yet he seeks many; for death has no shame, and desires to destroy all in its path. All the bitterness of vanity shall fall into the depths of hell. O what glory of vanity shall cloak the dead. And all that honor unrighteousness shall find no rest.

The Roman Catholic Church is a disaster, a calamity that has started for centuries. This is a detestable, horrendous organization that is defiant against God. And how much longer shall it stand? How much longer shall we endure a corruption of this magnitude? How much souls shall it engulf? The mouth of hell is open so large, so hungry a growling beast, so thirsty for all that will not see, and that will not seek the LORD my God in Spirit and in truth. But my God is a good God. I have come with the message of truth, of him that sitteth on High. I have come that you may live and not die if you seek Christ. I have come to honor my Christ and my God. I come here today because I am a lover of God. I come here today to deliver the truth, untarnished, without spots and blemishes to glorify the LORD my God. Let no one stand against this message of the Holy Father, the Sovereign God, who has stretched forth the heavens and bring liberty to the world. My Father will have his way. Yea, I tell you the truth; for I come here today with the glory of God upon me. I come not weary, but with the hope and the courage and the goodness of my God. My God will prevail against all men who despise his truth. He will prevail against all men who forsake Christ, his Son. He will prevail against all men who trample on his word. Who have ears let them hear what the LORD my God is saying.

O what a hypocrisy, a joke. A fallacy, O how vile the corruption, the beast. O how tremendous a burden on righteousness. O how vain the glory of unrighteousness, and how bitter the taste of him who desires it. O how thirsty death growls in the land of desolation. O how evil the soul of him who thirst to conquer and destroy humanity. O how relentless the endeavor. O how hopeless a man who knows not Christ. Who shall comfort him in his times of need? Who shall he call when his soul is in distress? Who shall be his shield and buckler? The roaring lion shall devour those who have fled from safety. Those who have fled from the true Shepherd, the Lamb of God, the blood of redemption, shall not endure the corruption of darkness. For who shall validate a dishonorable man? Who shall honor him that seeketh death and not life? Who shall honor him that stands against righteousness, against truth, against the word that cometh from the mouth of God? Show me a man, and I shall show you a liar, a thief, and a murderer. Shall not the vengeance of my God come upon him? Shall not the sword of my God come upon him? Yea, it shall be so. Shall not Zion rejoice by the works of God? Shall not the blood of the innocent be repaid? It shall be repaid in full, and I shall praise the LORD my God. [All that I have said is from the LORD; eat of it and live].

Let glory stand, and let it not fall from him who seek the LORD my God. For glory is the LORD my God, and him who believe in Christ shall partake of his glory.


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