I offer this, the truth, not to please man, but that God on High shall be glorified by his doing. The LORD, to whom I behold, shall find pleasure in his work. I know God. And, I could not imagine anyone like my God. Despite his greatness, and the magnitude of this God, in all things wonderful, he see fit to attent to me with his undying love and devotion. That I am delighted in his ways. And I reciprocate the tenderness of my love towards my God. The love of God no man can compare, nor will I desire this terrible love from any one else who cannot give such as he. Man’s love is wonderful. Yet, it is the fragmentation of what is the epitome of forever delightful, forever beautiful, forever awesome, forever God.

My God is like no other, and I want the world to know that. And although my joy is full, my cup runneth over. Yet I must conceal what God has blessed my eyes to see. For all that I will say, Glory is him who sitteth on his throne upon the circle of the earth. I will lift up beauty. I will lift up my God. For who shall I adore? Him who have rest upon my shore. How beautiful is my God who have given me rest, and caused my comfort to be assured? A blessed soul. A joyful hope. A sweet embrace, who can taste a God of glory of such terrible delights. Today I say, so boldly and so brave, let God be God; for who else can bring to me such wonderful treasures, such delights of heavenly joy? Only God. [My God approves this].

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