It is very important that we embrace what is godly. It is very important that we stand on the doctrine of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, and abstain from what is detrimental to our souls. As servants of God and followers of Jesus Christ we must bring to light the doctrines of disorder, corruption, and death. Knowing fully well that these men sole purpose is to destroy souls. And the Roman Catholic religion of such magnitude is at the forefront of destroying souls.

The ungodly attributes of this world warrant the taste of displeasure. And we are seeing the hubris of mere men, mortals, infidels, exalted in madness. The Roman Catholic Church has adapted a doctrine of fallacies, appointing an ignoramus, a self righteous, sinful man, an unrighteous vessel full of spots and blemishes, whom they call Pope, to esteemed an authority of Holy Father which is reserved for God and only God. And yet many hold on to an infrastructure of this madness. The eyes of men have become to no avail. They have eyes, but they will not see. They have ears, but they will not hear what the word of God is saying. And this is often the case — the blind leading the blind.

But as a servant of God I say, depart from the dark. Come to the light. Come to liberty. Come to my Christ. The desire of the LORD on High is that all man should be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4). For this very reason  — God sent his only begotten Son into the world that whosoever believeth on him shall not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16). I have stood up for righteousness, to proclaim the liberty of the LORD. And the revelation of God came upon me that I should speak of this accord. When my God speaks I listen. I obey; for it matters that I please my God. And although the realization is evident, having spoken about this in the past. I am being urged by the Holy Spirit to put on display the fallacies of a doctrine built on lies. The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is built on lies, a structure that is always changing, intermingled in more lies for the purpose of evading the children of God. Many whom partake of this madness truly believe that they are glorifying Christ when they are glorifying the mother of Christ and the Pope whom they call Holy Father, a sinner, a corruptable human being who repent not of his sins to Christ. But, instead has deemed himself righteous and worthy of this measure. And just as the self righteous Pharisees and Sharisees did so also the Pope. All shall see damnation in their wickedness, lest they depart from their way of death, and repent of their sins. The crucifixion of Christ repeatedly is by no means the doctrine of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. For Christ died once for our sins and now liveth forever. And those who believe shall also live forever. This is the doctrine of my God. This is the doctrine of truth. This is the doctrine of the Holy Father, the true and living God.

LET NO MAN CALL HIMSELF GOD EXCEPT THE GOD OF ISRAEL (Isaiah 43:10 – 13). Him who sits on his throne in the highest heaven, he is LORD and God above all. The day will come when all shall see the power of the living God. The day will come when all shall know who is the Holy One. The day will come when all shall know who is the Holy Father, the righteous God. At his command this world will mourn in their wickedness. The heart of God  man shall anger, and he shall not withhold his peace. Men who stand up against a mighty God as my God will die in their ignorance. The hands of wickedness and corruption shall not bask in the glory of God. Vanity has eaten up their glory. And death has eaten up their joy. You stand against God. You fear not the LORD today. Tomorrow the fear of God will be revealed to you. Servants of the devil will not reign. They will not rejoice; for their hands are dirty, and their garments are filthy. [My God says yes, and he is always right]. Over and over again, they have bow down to this man. And yet, they have not awaken to the truth. The Roman Catholic doctrine will not bring you to the Cross where the grace of God is bountiful. It will not bring you to Christ where you will find Salvation and the glory of God. It will not give you true hope. But it will feed you a hopeless case of lies, and put on your shoulders a bag full of vanities, a bag full of death. A false  doctrine as such only burdens souls with death, a state of corruption that resides in wickedness of surmountable porpotions.

THE SOVEREIGNTY OF MY LORD WILL NOT BE MADE VAIN BY THE HANDS OF WICKED MEN. Men who detest the riches and the glory of God shall grow old. They shall grow old in the land of desolation. They shall feast on shame. And the glory of madness they once seek shall be a cloak of darkness upon them. Let no one stand before you and declare himself Holy. Let no one say, I am your father, and call me Holy. For the tongues that speaketh this deceit against the LORD shall be a recompense to thy souls. A man speaks what his heart thinketh. If your heart is not on Christ, then where is your heart? Is your heart on a mere man of corruption who cannot save himself ? Is your heart consumed with evil of such magnitude that you cannot see? Has darkness come upon thee and covered thy faces that thou cannot see the virtue of evil before thee? The Sovereign God on High has laid out truth that men may live if they desire the virtue of righteousness. They may live if they put their trust in God, and believe this Christ. They may live with glory and not with shame; for all that is of God shall be glorify. All that is God will cling to God and not the filthy garments of an unrighteous man. All that is God will depart from darkness and come into the light. All that is God will respect the throne of righteousness and holiness. All that is God will repent from his errors, the burden of his soul, and seek the LORD. Today the LORD has come before thee and stretch forth his hands and calleth [call] all that are his to come to the light. Come out from among them that dishonor God, trample on the sovereignty of our Father, his holiness and glory, into the Salvation and the grace of the true and living God. Come out from among them that change the word of God to please themselves. Come out from among them that despised the word of God and have bow down and worship graven images and put other gods before God (Exodus 20:3 – 5).

There is no shame in leaving what is not good. Let the dogs eat it. Let the pigs feast on it. Because: Curse is he that put his truth in man, maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departed from the LORD (Jeremiah 17:5). Let today be a day of restoration and of hope. Let the curse of generations be broken. Come to Christ. Repent of your sins, and he will make a new man of you. May the grace of God find you.

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