For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither had the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him (Isaiah 64:4).

Wait for God my beloved. Wait for the promise. Wait for the LORD and the riches and the glory of God shall behold you. This God on High has promised us everlasting glory that will not go vain. He has given us the beauty and the wonders of his heart. We behold the goodness of the soul of God. We behold the righteousness and the holiness of God; for we are made one with Christ and God the Father. Behold this truth, and let it conquer thy heart. Let it be embedded in thy soul, and let thy soul rejoice. For the things of my God abide in glory. And you beloved are of my God. This truth of the living God is clarified in the wisdom of God; for the heavenly beauty of my God rest upon it. I hope that you will dwell in the comfort of the LORD and partake of his glory. The LORD desires the unity of his saints and the fullness of his hope.

Our Father of grace has considered us worthy. We are the jewels of his eyes. We are his precious children. Can you feel the love of the Father? Can you feel the love of our God? My soul rejoices in the love of the LORD. His heart embraces my heart. And the oneness of God is evident. The LORD my God says, If you love me my Father will love you, and we will abode with you. This is true; for my God is with me. My soul is saturated in the love of God. Our God is a God of love. If you abide in this truth, my God will rejoice by your name. For the heart of God knowest [knows] the heart of man. And a beautiful heart is a delight to the LORD. Today, and every day, glory shall not go vain. It shall not go vain; for I have bring forth the truth of the living God. My God will rejoice. This truth I tell you. So said it, so let it be done. The kingdom of God will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The heart of my God shall rejoice. The sweetness of his soul shall rejoice. For my God has done a good thing. He has stirred up righteousness. He has bring forth light in darkness. He has restored the image of the dead. The image of cruelty and corruption he has conquered. He has prevailed in the restoration of man. And the hope of the LORD before the beginning of the world is glorified in this truth. The vessels of righteousness shall stand with glory. This is the way of my LORD. This is the beauty of holiness and righteousness. This is the way of the living God of Israel. O Father, thy hand is a beautiful hand. Thy soul is wonderful. Thy heart behold everlasting glory. Blessed be my God.

All who partake in the goodness of God shall find glory. For Glory is his name. O, the wisdom of God is wonderful. And who can measure the delights of my God? Who can constrain the glory of my God when Glory is his name? Who can say, why bringeth glory to thy servant that he should boast about this God? O LORD my God, precious is your hand, and wonderful is your soul. Such beauty, so sweet, the heart of God is so sweet. My precious LORD, thy comfort I cannot describe. Thy goodness and mercy endureth forever. The hope of my God is High, oh, so High. This trust rest on the glory of God. It is a beautiful thing to love the LORD and to see his hope in the hearts of men. I am so grateful my LORD that you have given me a glimpse of thy hope and the beauty of holiness.

O LORD, move in the hearts of your beloved today my God. Let them remember the reason and the goodness of my God. Let them delight in the Salvation of the LORD. Give them strength to endure what lies ahead. Open their eyes that they will see and understand the works of the living God. Let them abide in thy truth, in the everlasting hope and the glory of God. Let your peace abide with them. Give them rest my God. Most of all my God, let them remember Christ, and carry the Cross so that thy glory will come a full; and thy rewards will be magnified in this truth. I give you thanks my LORD; for I believe and know because you have put it in my heart. So said it so let it be done, and let my God be glorified in this truth. Amen.


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