And there is none that calleth upon thy name, that stirreth up himself to take hold of thee: for thou hast hid thy face from us, and hast consumed us, because of our inequities (Isaiah 64:7).

Jacob understood this; for he said in his heart:I will not let thee go, except thou bless me (Genesis 32:26). And this should be the way of all who truly desire this God. If we desire the love of God, then also we should desire the blessings of God. Will not God say, my people seek me so earnestly, and I will bless them. If you know God, this God of Israel, you will desire his blessings and will not flee empty handed. This I tell you, as a servant of God, all shall love this God; for he loved you first. When we wrestle with God we desire the intimate love and affection of God. We shew the Father the joy of our hearts in him. It is a joy to our God. It is a joy to the LORD and to our Father. Surely the Holy Spirit rejoices in this love.

But if you will not call out the name of the LORD in righteousness and wrestle with him until he bless you, will he not say, where is the vigor and the heart of your soul? If you will not say to my God you are the living God, the God of Israel on High, the only true God who created the heavens and the earth, and my voice is not the voice of a stranger that you will not hear me, nor have I burden you with unrighteousness; but my hope in Christ is a glorious hope. And my God knowest my voice, and I will not depart from my God. I will not go; for I beseech the hand of God. I will not go until my God is please with me. I will lay on his truth, and I will call out Glory. I will say, O Glory, O Glory Hallelujah. Blessed art thou O Glory. Thy servant calleth thee, O Glory. Harken unto me O LORD; for today the hand of God shall not go vain. Today the hand of God shall bless his servant, and the rejoicing of the LORD shall come upon him. He shall stand on the liberty of truth, and proclaim righteousness. He shall proclaim the goodness of God and the beauty of holiness. He shall lift up Christ. Yea, to the ends of the world he shall lift him up. And the servants of the LORD shall rejoice. They shall rejoice in a hopeful glory. For the heart of my God has bring forth his wonderful delights unto the world. And the goodness of God is everywhere. Truth is lift up on the wings of eagles. O heaven, rise up with the glory of God. Rise; and lift up my God. For the Lamb of God is worthy, and the throne of God is mighty. Today Glory shall lift up glory, and the great God on High shall rejoice. The truth that liveth in the hearts of the redeemed shall blossom with the glory of God. The hand of God shall prevail. For who God called he justified, and whom he justified he also glorified. The wisdom of God shall be a delight in the hearts of his beloved. O yea, the LORD has bring forth a good thing. That we, the children of God shall rejoice. O Glory, O hopeful Glory, sing a song to thy servants. Let thy beauty rest upon them, O LORD. Let thy anointing beseech them my God. For the goodness and mercy of God shall rest upon his beloved. Forever let them rejoice in the LORD my God. And let us lift up RIGHTEOUSNESS, O Father. And let the blessings of the LORD be upon us. Let this truth of the living God stand on Holy ground. O WONDERFUL, O WONDERFUL is the LORD. And my heart is please that he is LORD and God above all.

Today I bless my God. And let my blessings not leave him; for today my Spirit of the living God is stirred up, and the glory of God is upon me. Live forever my God. Live forever my righteous God. Amen.


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