Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shall call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise (Isaiah 60:18).

Come with me to the land of hope. Come with me, and see everlasting hope and the glory of God. Ye that desire the goodness of the LORD come. Come and see the promise and the faithfulness of God. Come and see the giver of grace and the hand of mercy. Come and see my shining light and the hope of my soul. Come and see victory. The triumphant victory of the LORD is rejoicing. And him who justified you and glorified you is in the midst of them all.

Come and let us praise the LORD my God. Come, ye that are with the Spirit of our everlasting God, and I will show you beauty and the light of the living God. I will show you him that neither slumber nor sleep; for today you shall see the truth of the living God. You shall see glory upon glory, righteousness upon righteousness, everlasting life upon everlasting life, him who has proclaimed the liberty of your souls. Come and see the place of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Come and see the spirits of the living God. Come with me, and I will show you the delight that created the heavens and the earth. Come and see my God and your God; for today is a day of rejoicing. Today Salvation shall rejoice, and it shall not stop; for the LORD my God has proclaimed it. Today the land of glory shall feast in the beauty of holiness, and it shall not cease.

Come to the LORD with me, and let us rejoice. Come to the Holy One of Israel who has bring forth Salvation, and redeemed the souls of man. Come and find rest at the feet of my God. Come where the joy shall be everlasting, and the hope shall be a full. Come where peace shall not be broken, and war shall be no more. But peace shall rise up with the glory of God, and him who thirst for righteousness shall rejoice in the goodness of God. Come and meet my God, my first love who has molded me into a vessel of righteousness. Come and see my glory whom I praise from everlasting unto everlasting. Come and I will show you the grace of God and the mercy and the goodness of him who sits on High. Come and I will show you holiness upon holiness and the faith of the living God. Come and see him who has created the heavens and the earth and has awakened me with glory. Come and see my Father whom I call, and he answers my call.

The ears of my God will hear me. My thoughts he will know. And his goodness and mercy shall prevail. As my God liveth so shall I glorify him. The LORD has removed the burdens of my soul, and he has restored everlasting gladness and a joyful hope. On the wings of eagles I rise and call out the name of my God. My God is please when I call him, and the the joy of the LORD has come upon me. Glory will dance in the hope of the LORD, and the mercy and the goodness of God shall dance with it. The hope of the LORD shall be full; for the hand of God bringeth delight. His servant shall rejoice; for the name of the LORD is great in his heart. And the glory of God blossoms with holiness. The hand of God shall rejoice. It shall rejoice to the ends of the earth. And who shall stand against the mighty hand of God? Light shall prevail, and the beauty of God shall dance. I shall dance with the LORD; for the melody of my God is sweet. Righteousness shall devour darkness, and I shall dance. Thus saith the LORD: It shall be done. And the beauty of the LORD shall rejoice.

O Father of wonderful glory and grace, I know not love until I met you. I was ignorance. But you O LORD, even so, you consider me. When I called out to you you harken to my voice; you will not let me go. This truth I have come to understand, the goodness and the love of God. O Papa, you favor me; thou knowest this truth. But you O LORD will have your way, and I shall delight in the ways of my God. [My God approves this; what a wonderful God].

The Gospel of Christ

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