Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart (Hosea 4:11).

Disobedience in the land, all have gone vain. The spoils of the land bring forth wickedness. Corruption beseech the heart of man, and the miseries of death lingers. The burdens of unrighteousness are everywhere. Who shall we call to the LORD? Who shall say, my God, my God, where art thou? Why hear not our voices this day, O LORD? Abominations upon abominations, where is the end of it? O people, why have thou made thy path so crocked? Why detest the ways of the LORD? Why say, we will have our way, yet we shall desire the riches and the glory of God?

Many consider their ways appeasing, even if they depart from the ways of the LORD. They say, we will bring forth wickedness, yet shall we rejoice. They say, we are of God, and Israel is our name. The understanding and the knowledge of the LORD we detest, yet shall we rejoice. We detest righteousness, yet we desire the goodness and mercy of God. We will live in a rot, yet shall we bring forth good fruits. O the land has fallen, and the ways of miseries are upon it. Death cling to it like darkness, yet shall we rejoice. The hope of God has gone weary in the land, yet we shall rejoice. We shall rejoice, even if we depart from the ways of the LORD. But I am here, full of the Holy Spirit, and say to you, you shall not rejoice, lest you turn from your wicked ways. If your heart is not with God, why call the name of the LORD? If your hearts desire inequities and your souls thirst for abominations and your hearts are far from God, shall God not despise thy voices when you call upon the name of the LORD? The head is sick; the heart is wicked, and the glory of God will not triumph by thy hand.

If you live like harlots and whores during the week and then desire the LORD during the weekend, you will not find him. You will not find this righteous God who desires righteousness. Shall the harlots come to town? Shall the whores declare the ways of the LORD? Shall they eat the bitterness and the wickedness of the earth and then seek the LORD? Shall they bring shame to God and not glory? O what desolation they bring to God. Yet shall they say, O LORD God, why do you not hear our voices? Why not consider my prayers? I have lingered in the dust and gather up the dregs. Shall you eat the spoils of my hands? Shall you eat of my bitterness and my scorn? O people that glorify wickedness and live in darkness, why bring to God your deeds of corruption? Why consider thy ways precious in wickedness? Is God a God who desires the rot of thy hands? Shall he rejoice by the deeds of destruction? You lay on abomination, and the goodness of God you have pushed to the side. You say in your heart, I will be a harlot and a whore. And I will come to the LORD in disgrace and offer my prayer to him. I will call out his name in unrighteousness, and he shall heed to my voice. Here I am, saturated in wickedness. I dance the dance of death, and considered not the LORD.

You bring the worst to God, yet you desire the best. O Father, the wisdom of the harlot shall cease. Where is your understanding? Have sin eaten up your knowledge? The God on High, shall he not turn his back on you? I say to you, repent of your sins. Ye [you] that liveth like harlots and whores repent. Ye [you] that are full of pride and dishonor repent. Ye [you] that gather up spoils of unrighteousness repent. Repent to the LORD my God. Bring unto the LORD righteousness and a virtuous heart. Bring to him sweetness, and let thy [your] sweetness bring forth the joy of the LORD. Give unto the LORD the goodness of your heart. Let your ways be a delight to the LORD. Let your voices be voices of sweet surrender. Bring into the bosom of God good tidings. And let the heavens rejoice in the name of the LORD. Let them rejoice. Let it overflow with gladness. But let them rejoice. [This is approved by the LORD my God — all of it].

The Word of God is always true.

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  1. Denise Davis says:

    Oh yes we’ll have to repent and turn from our wicked ways. Mercy lord.

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    1. Amen. God bless you.


    2. Yes. Repentance is good for our souls.


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