For thou has made him a little lower than the angels, and has crowned him with glory and honour (Psalm 8:5).

God made man and crowned him with glory and honour. But sin taketh [took] away the glory and the honour of God. I tell you the truth: there is no honor in sin. The LORD shall burden the wicked. For the LORD knows that destruction will come upon the man that sin. And only a righteous man made in the image of God can honor God. But the wisdom of God is this: His ways cannot fail. That he send Christ into the world to restore the honor and glory of man. This truth all shall know that liveth [live]; that the sins of the world profit men nothing. But he that redeemed the souls of men shall triumph in glory. Glory is the LORD my God who has restored the image of man. He maketh man once, and man died (a spiritual death). And he maketh man twice that they shall live in the honour and glory of Christ, the begotten Son of God. This is the wisdom of the living God — the hope of this world shall be fulfilled in Christ. This God is mighty. My God is forever wise. Let all who desire the riches and the honour and the glory of God come to Christ, into the light. Come to him who taketh [takes] away the sins of the world. Come and be born again into the image of the living God. Come and let my God restore the righteousness and holiness of man. Come! All that are weary with sin, come. All who live in darkness come into the light. All who have lost the image of the living God come into the light. No man shall see the face of God, lest he come into the Light which is Christ. No man shall see the face of God, lest he is restored in the image of God. This truth I bring from above; for my God is pleased in this truth.

I tell you the truth — many walk this world with a wicked spirit, a spirit of destruction. For if not the Spirit of God, man will not rejoice. But today I offer you the hope of the living God that all who come to Christ shall rejoice. They shall rejoice in the presence of holiness. For it is written of them in the Lamb’s Book of Life. This truth I bring to you. This truth I leave with you: the everlasting glory of God shall blossom. The place on the hill shall be glorified. Zion shall rejoice in this truth. As it is spoken so shall in be done. The goodness of God shall be magnified on the mountain top. And the children of RIGHTEOUSNESS shall rejoice. Yea, they shall rejoice in the faithful hope of the living God. My God is blessed in this truth forever.

For if not the Spirit of God man will not rejoice. God taketh away the old, and he give man a new Spirit in Christ. He restored honour and glory unto man. Blessed be the LORD; for his mercy endureth forever. Let this world desire a new rebirth in Christ. Life cometh to man if they heed the word of God. There is hope in Christ, everlasting hope for those who desire to be born again. Let all desire the nature of the child. O little children of the living God, desire life. Let my God be glorified in his wisdom. [My God says yes to these words].

All that I do must glorify God. This truth God has put in my heart. For this I honor him and praise him to the ends of the world. Live forever my God. Live forever my King. Live forever my Holy Spirit. Amen.

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