Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father (John 14:12).

Shall not the sons and daughters of God bring to man [mankind] the words of the Blessed Hope, and tell them about Jesus Christ, the salvation of God, to whom this world knows not? Shall they not share this hope of the living God, that they may live if they eat of the body of Christ and drink of his blood?

Today we see many, who say, they are sons and daughters of God; yet they live like the dead, without the power and the glory of God. Christ went to the Father. Yea, that the sons of man who believe him shall be glorify by God the Father. If man was given the Spirit of God, shall they also not have traits of the living God? [My God approves this]. I say that the Father is mighty; shall not the children of God live in the glory of God? If you live without the confidence of the Father and the Son, go to God and ask him to restore the light of the living God. For today I come before you, not without the power and the glory of God. But I come anointed by the wonderful hand of God, with a bold Spirit that lifts up the heavens and glorify my God. Let all who are of God live like children of God, in the power and the glory of God, rising above the darkness, with the hope that Christ has restored in us.

Christ said, “Greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father.” What are the greater works that Jesus spoke of ? I ask all of you: Shall you not believe this truth of the living God? How can you do the greater works without the power and the glory of God? How can you do the greater works without righteousness and the holiness of God? [My God approves this]. Shall man who believe in Christ be a desolation and a snare to righteousness? Shall he be slain, wounded, and without hope? Shall he speak without authority and the power and the glory of God? Shall he be a man without confidence in the midst of the heathen? God forbid. He shall stand up, and he shall rejoice with authority, in the name of the LORD. He shall rejoice by the hand of the living God. He shall rise up with vigor and strength, knowing fully well that this God who is mighty in his ways has considered him worthy of heavenly wisdom. [My God approves this]. He shall declare the truth of the living God. Righteousness shall not depart from him. He shall stand on the rock, the rock that was laid by the mighty hand of God. And who shall say unto him, where is your confidence, and who giveth [give] you that authority? Who shall stand before him and burden the LORD my God? [My God approves this]. And he shall say, power and glory belongs to God. And I am a son of the living God, born of Christ, and given the authority as my Father has declared it.

For with sin man is burden without the confidence of God, and the knowledge and wisdom of God is far from him. His understanding is in the ground, laid in the dust of corruption. But the blood of the Lamb has given rise to a better thing, a hopeful glory and one of rejoicing. Having gone to the Father, risen from the depths of hell, the works of the mighty God of Israel shall be a delight unto the sons of man who believe in the Christ, and glorify him. [My God approves this]. The hand of God is perfect, and all that he does shall blossom with his glory. This is the truth of the living God, the heart of God shall rejoice by his work. Let the children of God be like Christ the Son, who is with the power and the glory of God. Let us dwell in this hope of the goodness of God the Father. Let us lift up the heavens, and bring to our Father songs of joy. Let our voices be the voices of pleasantries, a delight to our wonderful God. Let us offer the virtue of righteousness to our God. Let us offer what is clean to the LORD that he may rejoice by our hands. I am stirred up; for the power and the glory of God have beseech me. The mighty hand of God is upon me. I tell you this truth, that the heavens are rejoicing right now. [My God says yes]. The works of my God shall be greater. As it was spoken so shall it be. Blessed be Christ, the Son of God. Blessed be the Father who begot the Son. Blessed be the Holy Spirit who teaches me all things Christ and God.

O Wonderful and Blessed LORD, it is good to know you, to love you, and to live in the glory of everlasting light. O Father, sweet is the heart of my God, and beautiful are your ways. My heart is glad in this truth, thou know this. [My God approves this].

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