The evils of a man bring no wisdom to his heart. Nothing good cometh [comes] from a man who seeketh [seeks] his own way. But if he seeks the wisdom of God, much comes from the LORD who guides his path. [My God approves this].

In God all shall live; for he holds the prosperity of our souls in his right hand. [My God approves this]. Let us dwell in truth, the wisdom of God. Let us thirst for the Word, and glorify this Sovereign God. Let righteousness keep us in the bosom of God. Desire the LORD in all that you do. Lean not to your own understanding. Let God be the One who has laid the foundation, and stretch forth thy [your] path. For the ways of the LORD shall prosper. All good things comes from the LORD. This is a good God whom I have come to love so dearly, a God who will not turn his back on me, nor forsake me. [My God approves this]. I tell you the truth. If you hold on to God you will hold on to liberty, and the beauty of holiness. [My God approves this]. The beauty of holiness shall lift up the righteous, and who consider the LORD shall rejoice. This God will love those who love him (John 15:9 – 10). And he will pour out his anointing upon them. He will bless them, comfort them, and shew [show] them his mercy. This is a good God who delivers the souls of man from hell and takes them up to the glory of God, where the eye cannot see, and the heart cannot imagine. The wonders of God touch the soul with heavenly joy that cannot be explained. All shall desire the beauty of God. The Father, our Father, is wonderful. And all shall beseech the love of God. I am a testimony of what God can do. For this God, whom he considered the jewel of his heart is truly the apple of his eye. For we are kept under the same priesthood of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, made one with Christ and God, and married in royalty of a blessed hope.

O Father of righteousness, let your glory blossom. Let the beauty of the LORD dwell in the hearts of his beloved. Let my God rejoice by his hand. The goodness of God will prevail. In all the land I have seen a good thing. I have seen glory upon glory. I have seen the hope of the living God, and the beauty of his heart triumph in righteousness. [My God approves this]. I have seen everlasting truth dancing in the midst of angels. I have seen the light of God, and the beauty it beholds. I have seen the magnificent and the Wonderful and the goodness of God shining for ever. I have seen the delight of the precious God and the glory it beholds. O blessed LORD, the beauty of your heart has risen up with vigor and strength. All good things beseech the heart of my LORD. And the sweetness of Salvation has crowned thy saints like the streets with gold. [My God approves this]. My LORD is wonderful, and all his ways blossom with joy. From everlasting unto everlasting, the Word of the LORD will prevail. Yes it will, my God approves. And I am delighted. Zion shall rejoice, and the goodness of God shall be all over it.

I will pour out my blessings on the LORD. And I will magnify righteousness in the sight of the living God. I will anoint him in his glory, and let my love for my God beseech him. From everlasting unto everlasting, I will lift up my God; for my God has lifted me up, and taken me to heavenly places. To the ends of the earth, I will declare his truth. And I will boast of this God. For when I cried out to my God he harken to my voice. He has put his light in me, and has given me a new Spirit. He comforts me, and he abodes with me. Truly, I tell you, this is an amazing God. [My God approves this].

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