Stand on the liberty of Christ, and you shall not fall. Honor this righteous God of Zion, more than all, and you shall live in the glory of God. [My God approves this]. Sing a new song unto the LORD, and the sweetness of its melody shall make his heart glad. Say unto the LORD, my LORD, wonderful and precious LORD, worthy is thy name in the land of the living. O LORD God, worthy is thy name, from everlasting unto everlasting. Worthy is thy name in the Highest. Let all glorify my God.

O righteous and loving Father, you have spun out truth and cause truth to blossom with your glory. You have stretched forth your hands, O LORD, and I have tasted your glory. Your pleasures are not unknown to me, and your ways delight my heart. I rejoice in your glory; for I am a lover of the LORD my God, born of Christ. [My God approves this]. I desire the goodness of God; for him, and him alone, maketh [makes] my way prosper. When daylight dawns I shall think of the LORD. And when the night comes he shall be in my heart. My thoughts shall think of my God; for it pleases me if it pleases God. I will desire you in all that I do. As my flesh cling to my bones so shall I cling to you. Then what shall they say, that this God of Israel is my God? And who or what can separate me from my God? There is none, not in this life, or in the next. [My God approves this].

I shall lift up my God. Truth shall stand on the wings of eagles. And all that is heavenly shall partake of its glory. The burdens of hell have fallen into the dust. The grace of God shall lift up the righteous, and they shall desire the essence of the beauty of the LORD. And who shall say, the mighty God of Israel brings forth his Son of righteousness to deliver the sons of man? [My God approves this]. Who shall say, Father forgive me for my sins, that I shall bring forth righteousness from thy Son, Jesus Christ, and comfort you?

Who shall stand against what has already been ordained, and yet prevail? Has the hand of God gone weary? For my God who lifts up the heavens, quiet the storm, causes oceans to go deep, and rivers to rage with glory, shall prosper by his hand. He shall prosper. [My God approves this]. I declare this truth, that the God on High shall prosper. I declare this truth, that this is the living God; and the heavens shall hear my voice. [My God approves this]. For the way of the LORD is good. The glory of the LORD shall blossom. And who can contain the liberty of righteousness? I have seen the goodness of God. O yes, it is good. I have seen the marvelous light of this living God. Honor and glory and righteousness covers my God. And the wonderfulness of my God is before me. [My God approves this]. The name of the LORD is a joy to my soul. Marvelous is the LORD, who sits on High. The sound of his voice I adore, and his wisdom I eagerly embrace. I am married to my God. He has anointed me with gladness. He has made a covernant with me, an everlasting covenant of the living God that no man can seperate. And it shall stand up on the liberty of Christ. It shall stand up with glory. The heavens shall rejoice in the work of God. O precious LORD. The LORD bringeth [brings] good tidings unto his servant, and my heart is full of the glory of God. The gladness of the LORD has come upon me. Liberty has stretch forth his hands and comforted me. O Liberty, how sweet it is to know your name. Kings and Queens desire thy beauty. High priests have dined in the presence of the LORD, and tasted the fullness of this God. Blessed is the LORD who brings forth these treasures, and mount them up with his glory. Blessed is the King of liberty; for who he sets free is truly free. [My God approves this].

To the ends of the world, freedom shall reach those who seek the LORD. And I shall be glad and rejoice in the liberty of the LORD. The heart of God shall be made glad, and his light in the hearts of his beloved shall shine for eternity. [My God approves this]. Righteousness shall mount up with glory, and those that love the LORD shall endure. The LORD shall prosper. Yea, it is good to love the LORD. Righteousness shall lift up salvation, and they shall dance with the glory of God. The glory of the LORD shall blossom, and righteousness shall rejoice. Yea, it shall rejoice in the beauty of holiness. My God shall have his way; for the blessed hand of God shall rejoice.

The LORD has made my heart glad, and I shall rejoice in the goodness of the LORD. Let my LORD have his way; for his way is my way. Amen.

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