Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, I will cast thee from off the face of the earth: this year thou shall die, because thou hast taught rebellion against the LORD (Jeremiah 28:16).

The wicked shall cease. [My God approves this]. The word of the LORD shall come to pass. The words that I have spoken of my God, the Lord God of hosts of Israel, shall not go weary. I have not diluted the word of the LORD my God, nor have I change the course of action. [My God approves this]. It shall be done according to the LORD. Thus saith the LORD, Nations have risen up against me, the great God. They have said in their hearts, We are gods, and we will have our own way. [My God approves this]. But the day will come when they shall see that their ways have caused them evil. And their deeds shall be cast into the ground. For they honor not the LORD God of hosts, but the god of evil and wickedness. [My God approves this].

I bring you the word of the living God, who sits on High, and all shall eat it. It shall taste sweet in the mouths of those who love the LORD, and bitter to those who hate him. All shall eat the words of the LORD, who have not grown old, nor withered away into miseries. [My God approves this]. Faithful is the LORD God on High. Faithful is he that have created the heavens and the earth. Faithful is he who rises up with vigor and strength. All shall know of God. All shall know of my God. And they shall know that this God of glory is the true and living God. All shall know that the words of God shall come to pass. [My God approves this]. What I have spoken is from the LORD, the mighty God of Israel, and who shall stand against it shall not be victorious. [My God approves this]. Let it be known to the ends of the world that the works of the living God of Israel shall prevail. It shall prosper. Yea, I have said it; for it is the way of the LORD. And those who love the LORD shall rejoice. And who shall say otherwise? We shall rejoice in Zion, and the glory of the LORD shall blossom. [My God approves this]. It shall blossom, and it shall not cease. So said it, so let be done. [My God approves this]. I am a servant of God, a son of the living God. [My God approves this]. Thus saith the LORD God on High, I will break the bonds of wickedness. Righteousness will prevail. O, the glory of the LORD, who can contain it? [My God approves this]. Today, we shall rejoice in the LORD. Today we shall say, His hands are beautiful. And the ways of the LORD is a delight. We shall lift up God. Yea, lift him up with me. Let us rejoice in he who liveth [lives] forever; for the glory of the LORD my God is good. [My God approves this]. The glory of the LORD shall mount up on the wings of eagles. It shall mount up with strength. It shall mount up on High. [My God approves this]. And the LORD shall rejoice. He shall rejoice, and I shall be glad. I have seen it. The beauty of the LORD shall prosper. [My God approves this].

It is good to love the LORD. Let the peace of the LORD rest upon those who love him. And let the blessings of the LORD be upon them. I declare the truth of this God: that all who love the LORD shall see his glory, and all who believe in this God shall live. And their days shall be joyful with the LORD. [My God approves this].

O faithful and loving Father, I rejoice by your hand. Thy will shall be done, and I shall rejoice in the LORD my God. Amen.

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