Let us not be ignorant that many have turned their backs from this mighty God and have fled from righteousness to embrace wickedness. This God of compassion and mercy they will not consider. Almighty God who have created all things heaven and earth, including them, they will not consider. Shall they consider us, the sons of God?

The Spirit of God was upon me as I stood in the bus filled with people. Many are clueless of what lies ahead. The tears kept coming, as the terror that lies ahead was reconfirmed, made evident by the grace of God. [My God approves this]. Who shall hold back the hand of God in this land of wickedness? [My God approves this]. Who shall say, O LORD God, let thy [your] terror cease when the burdens have fallen? Who shall stand in the way of God when the fire is already kindled? The LORD has made his way. He has set his course in action. He has said in his heart, The deeds of this land bring forth fruits that cannot be eaten. [My God approves this]. What shall be the payment for the spoils that cometh [come] from this land? [My God approves this]. Nations have gone astray, and have faltered. And who have considered their vanishing days a desolation? Who have said, let us turn from our wicked ways and seek the LORD? [My God approves this]. Who have said, this is a good God; let us turn to him that he may favor us? None have done it. [My God approves this]. Not one have stood up, and say, this is a nation of God. [My God approves this]. Not one of them have stand up for God. All have fainted and gone weary. [My God approves this]. The day of terror is at hand. [My God approves this]. They have forced the hand of God who have mourned with sorrows for dead nations, who liveth [live] without the light of God. [My God approves this]. Thus saith the LORD, It shall fall upon them with vengeance. And who shall stand in the way? I am a messenger of Almighty God. The terror of God is coming. It has already begun. Make thy [your] way straight. Be not a burden unto the LORD. This land shall feast in its spoils; for it has gone weary. And who shall eat of it? [My God approves this].

The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, and his tongue talks about judgement (Psalm 37:30).

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  1. Denise Davis says:

    Praise the lord keep pressing on the upward way my brother.

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    1. Amen. Blessings to you my sister. In the name of the LORD my God, let his glory be magnified in you.


    2. The LORD God is our strength. He maketh a way. He is the path to salvation, our everlasting hope, and the truth of the living God. Let us all seek the light that shine on Zion, the light of victory, and not of shame. Let us magnify the LORD ;for he is our God.


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