Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgement and justice in the earth (Jeremiah 23:5).

When shall the LORD do these things, you might ask? It has began. The judgement of the LORD has come upon this land with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of righteousness, and the glory of the LORD. [My God approves this].

And when he comes, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgement: Of sin because they believe not on me; Of righteousness because I go to the Father, and you see me no more; Of judgement because the prince of this world is judged (John 16:8).

But fear not, ye [you] that believeth [believe], and do the work of the LORD. For it shall be well with you. [My God approves this]. Continue in thy path of righteousness and the light the LORD has shone on you. Be of good cheer, ye [you] that are faithful in truth, the word of the LORD. Let not the evils of this world cause you to stumble. But if you do, call on the name of our LORD Jesus Christ, repenting of your sins, and he shall make it well with you. But to those who do not believe and have caused their hearts to be hardened to the word of the LORD, the judgement of the LORD shall come upon them with vengeance.

Many evil you have done; how much more will satisfy your heart’s desire? How much more shall you consider? [My God approves this]. Shall you grow old in wickedness? Shall you say, my evil is my wisdom? Shall you say, my path is crocked, yet I shall not fall? I say to all, you shall fall, and you shall fall hard, lest you turn from your wicked ways. Do you not understand the burdens of wickedness that has been placed on the heart of God? Must my God cry many tears? For how much longer must he endure? [My God approves this]. Flee from destruction, and let my God rejoice. [My God approves this]. I tell you, you do the things you do not know, and understand. You shall perish if you do not depart from it. [My God approves this]. Let thy ways be a joy. Let it be sweet like honey. Let it be a delight unto the LORD. Let not righteousness be a travesty and a stumbling block to thy soul. Be not weary of righteousness; for the LORD my God is righteous. Let not the spoils of corruption burden thy soul. Light up the heavens, and call out RIGHTEOUSNESS. [My God approves this]. Say, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, glory be thy name. [My God approves this]. Say unto the LORD, blessed thou [you] art [are] O Holy One of Israel. Lift up the LORD in righteousness, and let the heavens rejoice. Let them rejoice. Let them dance and sing with the glory of God. Let them say, Holy is the LORD who sitteth [sits] on High. Let them say, O Lamb of God, O LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, prosper. From everlasting unto everlasting, prosper. Let thy [your] hand forever be blessed.

So many times I have warned you of the judgement of God. I have warned you in tears with my heart full of sorrows, in the day and in the night, when it rained and when it shined. I have told you to turn from your evil ways, and seek the LORD. I have told you about the burdens you have placed on the heart of my God and the many tears that flow like rivers. I have pleaded with you to repent; for the kingdom of God is at hand. I have warned you about the heathen and the false prophets in the land, and I have told you to come out from among them. I have bring forth the truth, the word of God, and many have scoffed at it and trampled on it. I have said unto you, Thus saith the LORD. And you regard it as vanity. Many have said in their hearts, who is he that bringeth [brings] the word of God? Why tell us these harsh things, and bring fear into our hearts? Why tell us about the judgement of God, and the days of terror that await us? Why say, you shall surely die if you don’t turn from your wicked ways? Why not be kind, and let us have our wickedness? I have not withheld my tongue. I have told you about the fear of the LORD. [My God approves this]. I have done these things that you may turn from your wicked ways and live. I stand before you in the name of the LORD and say to you, depart from your wicked ways. [My God approves this]. Depart from your sins that burden your souls into hell. Depart from the ways of this world, and the sorrows that beseech it. If you serve a dead god that cannot save you, I say: come to my God. Come to him who can do all things. Come to the living God who can save your souls from destruction. Come, he that is without wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Come, and my God will give you some. [My God approves this]. I have told you many times, glory shall be glory; and glory is the LORD my God. And who shall say otherwise, let them stand? Let them stand up, and let the vanities of their hearts fall to the ground. Let them stand up, and they shall see the works of He that liveth [lives] with power and glory and might. [My God approves this]. Vain things shall come to those who desire vain things. If they stand in vanity, then vanity will come to them. Thus saith the LORD, Vanity shall become vanity, and righteousness shall become righteousness. [My God approves this]. For the LORD that liveth [lives] will bring forth his children from the north, from the countries which he has driven them, from the ends of the world to dwell in their own land (Jeremiah 23:8). He that believe in the LORD shall live. The hand of God shall cover him, and the glory of the LORD shall be upon him. Let not the message of God make thy [your] hearts weary. Say not, what is the burden of the LORD (Jeremiah 23:33)? Let not your thoughts desire lies. Let not righteousness cause you to faint. For the judgement of the LORD shall be righteous, and it shall mount up with glory, and the wrath of God shall be over it. Desire righteousness; desire the judgement of God today. Desire he that will straitened your path, and bring you to the road of honor. Desire the LORD who warned you before the day of his coming. Make thy way straight that it shall be well with you. Let peace be unto you a comfort, and let righteousness lift up thy soul. I bring this message to you, to declare truth, the liberty of the LORD Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth, and the life. Stand up in the liberty of the LORD, and do not look back. [My God approves this]. Do not look back; remember the day of Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember Lot’s wife (Genesis 19:36). For that which is dead is dead; let it be dead. And that which is given life, let it live. I tell you the truth. This is a good God, who, even now, still considers you, and sheweth [shew] you mercy. For the day will come when his mercy shall depart from the wicked. It shall depart from he that believeth [believe] not the Christ, the Son of the living God. [My God approves this].

There are many who do not understand the ways of the LORD, and know not the fear of the LORD. But I say to you, hasten yourselves; gather up thy loins, and make yourselves ready to meet the LORD. [My God approves this]. Wake up, he that sleepeth [sleep] in the dust. Shake up thyself, and make haste to come to the glory of God. Yesterday he came as a Lamb. [My God approves]. Tomorrow he will come roaring mightily, to judge the world and make war. [My God approves]. Do not consider the words of God a mockery, nor put it off for tomorrow; for you may not live to see tomorrow. But I tell you, surely, you shall face the judgement of God [My God approves this]. And all that thirst for wickedness and trample on righteousness shall surely die. Evil shall come upon them, and they shall not find anything good, in the appointed time of the LORD. The LORD is clear: righteousness shall prevail. He that believeth [believes] in Christ shall live. And he that do not believe, he shall surely die. [My God approves this].

Let thy glory be magnified, O LORD; for thy will is not a burden unto thy servant. Let thy blessings overflow from the heavens, and pour over unto thy saints below. Amen.

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