Blessed you are O LORD, who move rivers and mountains, oceans and seas. [My God approves this]. Blessed you are O LORD, who light up the sky and lift up the heavens. Blessed is the LORD who created the heavens and earth, and all therein. Blessed you are everlasting Father, who harken to my voice and cause me to rejoice. [My God approves this]. Blessed you are O LORD, who have bestowed power and glory, and all good things upon me. Blessed is the mighty hand of God, who have given me the boldness to do his will. Blessed you are O LORD, who lift up Zion and have caused good things to come out of it. Blessed is the King of glory; from everlasting unto everlasting, prosperity beseeches him. Blessed you are O LORD, who shew mercy and grace. Blessed is the living God of Israel who knows all things and can do all things. [My God approves this]. Blessed is my LORD; I shall lift up the heavens and anoint him with glory. [My God approves; he knows this truth]. Blessed is the LORD whom I adore; my heart blossoms with love for him. Blessed is my LORD, who is faithful to me, and stands with me when others disbelieve. Blessed you are O LORD, who have put your fear in man, and declare your truth. Blessed you are O LORD, with power and glory and might. Blessed you are O LORD; through you I can do all things. [My God approves this]. Blessed are you O LORD, who maketh [make] my night sweet and my morning a joy. [My God approves this].

O glory hallelujah, the anointing of the LORD is good; magnify my LORD. Yea, praise him, and glorify him. This is a good God in whom I put my trust. Bring down the heavens with me; taste what is good, and let us rejoice in the LORD. [My God approves this]. Let us do these things, and let the glory of the LORD blossoms. Bring your praises unto the LORD. Bring them, and do not stop. For this God, I tell you, is a mighty God, a God worthy to be praised.

Blessed is my LORD, as the rivers are wide and the oceans are deep, from the ends of the world, on the mountain top and in the valley, let the blessings of my LORD prevail. [My God approves this]. O LORD God Almighty, it is well that you are God. Thy servant knoweth [knows] this truth. I have come to depend on you O LORD; for you are my confidant and LORD. You are my blessed hope, the light that shineth [shines] forever. From everlasting unto everlasting, righteousness covers you. Holiness beseeches you. You O LORD are Holy, above all. You have light up the heavens, and my heart rejoices in you. From everlasting unto everlasting, blessed is my LORD. Blessed is the hand that created all things heaven and earth. Be well my LORD, be well. [My God approves this]. O Father, be well.

It is wonderful to love the LORD. This truth I leave with all of you. May God abide in you.

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