I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that which I delighted not (Isaiah 66:4).

The perfection of God blossoms with truth. This truth has laid the foundation of the world, and shall carry it from everlasting unto everlasting. That Him, my God on High, shall rejoice by his work. It is good that he is God. It is good that he is LORD and God above all. It is good that this God of Israel has caused me to bring forth his truth to the ends of the world. Who shall declare the righteousness of God, lest he be chosen by God? Who shall say, LORD God on High, who rises up with vigor and strength? Who shall say, the hand of God is mighty, and his ways are terrible to his servants? Who shall say, he that cometh [comes] to declare truth, cometh [comes] with vengeance? For the LORD will come on his chariot, with fire and a sword to declare vengeance on the wicked (Isaiah 66:14 – 16). Who shall magnify the LORD in power and victory, and honor him with praise? Him that is born of light, and the grace of God abides in him shall rejoice in the LORD.

The heavens have come down to thy servant, and the grace of God is everywhere. Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, power, and glory bestowed upon him. His feet stand in grace. Righteousness remember his name, and clinged to him like his flesh clinged to his bones. Truth upon truth has mount up with glory. [My God approves this]. And my God rejoices in his will. This day the LORD has blessed in the life of his servant, and who shall curse it? Who shall say unto the LORD, bring not treasures unto thy servant? Who shall say, why burden us with your truth, and maketh [make] our ears to hear them? The day of the LORD shall come, and he shall come with power and glory. And who in wickedness can face the glory of God? My God is with me. He has come forth with the message that giveth [gives] life to those who hear, and death to those who will not hear it. The truth that many run from will be their demise. Truth will stand alone, without you; remember that. And the glory of the LORD will be magnified in it. Truth shall destroy the lies of the devil, and it shall destroy kingdoms that stand against God. [My God approves this]. O Father, mighty is your name. Blessed is the hand of God.

Fear not this living God, and your days shall end like dogs. [Revelation 22:14 – 16 makes mention of this]. Consider the ways of the LORD vain and a burden unto thy [your] souls, and you shall thirst for eternity. But him that causes his spirit to be contrite and his soul to mourn for the glory of God shall live. Life shall come to him who call upon the name of the LORD in truth. But death shall come to him who long and thirst to lie in wickedness.

O great One that lifts up the heavens, and ride upon the wings of the clouds, thy way shall prosper, and thy glory shall be magnified in the land of the living. [My God approves this]. Let him that loves the LORD rejoice. Let him rejoice in the goodness and mercy of God. From everlasting unto everlasting, let him rejoice.

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  1. Denise Davis says:

    This was a wonderful reading. Glory to the lamb of God.

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    1. Blessings to you in the mighty name of God. The LORD is magnified in your truth. And this is confirmed and approved by the Holy Spirit. May God be with you always.


    2. Amen. Glory indeed. Glory without end.


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