Honor the Son, and you will honor the Father. And he shall open up the heavens for you. The kingdom of the LORD shall be done on earth, as it is in heaven. [My God approves this]. If a man love me he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him and make our abode with him (John 14:23).

If you do not believe Christ and do his work, your life on this earth fulfilled nothing. [What a waste of time]. And that life shall not bring forth joy, but sorrows await it. The burdens of hell shall come upon you from everlasting unto everlasting. Who do not heed to this wisdom, and the love of God, shall suffer the consequence. God send his Son that man may live. And those who reject him shall surely die. I come with truth, the word of God, and truth shall it be, even if it cuts the flesh into the bone. To abide in thy [your] own wisdom that fulfilled nothing is to abide in ignorance that profit you nothing. Abide in Christ that brings forth light, takes away death, and restore a faithful hope. Yea, keep him in your bosom, and never let him go. Hold on to him for dear life, in the middle of the storm, when the battle comes. Call on this God, who hears the voices of his beloved. Pray without ceasing. And call without ceasing; for this God is a wonderful God. [My God approves it; he wants you to call him]. Call believing in the mighty name of God. For this God who sits on High shall rejoice by your hand, and he shall pour out his mercy and grace upon you. The glory of the LORD will come upon the living. I tell you this truth. My God shall do these things to those who love him. And the voice of God, who can silence it? For it comes with delight, and the pleasures of its wonders shall not fade away. This God of mine brings forth treasures more precious than gold. I looked to the heavens, and the truth that cometh [comes] from above is poured into me. My God shall have glory by my hand. [My God approves this]. I shall lift up Christ, and all that love the LORD shall glorify him. I am a vessel of righteousness of the living God. The truth follows me, and the righteousness of God I beseech. For the hand of God is a strong hand, and his grace upon his servant is exceedingly High. [My God approves this]. The truth you shall know; for I am a messenger of the truth, the word of God.

This life on earth is not about you nor I. It is about the Son of the living God. It is about believing in the Christ, the Saviour, and doing his will. It is about obedience in Christ, and the meekness of God. It is about the honor and the glory of God. Do not be misguided in your thoughts, and rejoice in self indulgence and self gratification. The way of the LORD must increase, and we must decrease. For this very reason, I say this, in boldness, are you going to rejoice in Christ, glorify him, praise him? Are you going to lift up Christ in the four corners of the world? Are you going to rejoice in the Salvation of the living God? Are you going to declare the kingdom on High, and the supremacy of this living God? In the land of the living we shall testify to the goodness of God. We shall rejoice in the Lamb of God. We shall honor him, and we shall be glad. I say, praise him from dusk to dawn. Praise him all day long; for he is Christ my LORD, who brings forth life into the world. This life is what we do for God. This life is what we do in Christ. This life is about the Glory of the living God, the Christ, the Son of God. If you have not figured this out already, wake up before it is too late! Death shall come, but let it not come to you twice. The dead in Christ shall rise in the resurrection in glory. All else shall rise in shame. Hell shall open up its mouth, and swallow the wicked. For the vanities they live by, hold on to, and die with, shall covered them in disgrace. [My God approves this]. I have not come here to make friends, but I have come to warn you in this appointed time chosen by God. I speak not the things of man, but of God. [My God approves this]. Who despise it will die. But those who heed to it shall live. The day of the LORD is at hand. The day of the LORD is at hand. The day of the LORD is at hand. Heed to the warning of the LORD, that it may be well with you. I bring you this message in tears. Not asking for it, but it was given to me by the LORD my God. And all shall know this truth, the liberty of Christ shall eat up the comfort of vanity. For if truly in Christ, the vain things in our lives will go. Liberty despises vanity, and vanity cannot hold on to liberty. There is a struggle until one is set free in Christ. The burdens are gone. But the freedom of the Glory of God rises up with vigor. [My God approves this]. Without Christ no one shall make it. Without Christ, who can face the vanities of this world? Lay up not treasures of gold, but stack up righteousness. Stack it up until it reaches the heavens on High. Let it touch the heavens, and let the glory of God beseech it. This is a faithful God. Truly, I tell you, the Holy Spirit lives forever. My God is glorify in this truth. And the heavens are rejoicing in it. Amen.

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