Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil (Ecclesiastes 12:13 – 14).

Do not minimize the working of the power and the glory of God. The wisdom of man is foolishness, and foolishness shall it be. And the wisdom of the world, though how esteemed, is vanity. Shall vanity bring thee [you] to the face of God? Shall it declare thy righteousness? Shall it declare the wonders of God? Shall it lift up God, my God? Is it even worthy for the feet of my God? Or shall it burden the heavens with sorrows? Then why do you embrace these vain things, and glorify them? This world shall come to nothing. It shall vanish with its thoughts of vanity. And those who considered themselves wise in foolishness shall also vanish with it. Let all that is vain be vain. What shall become of vain things, except they be vain?

Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all is vanity (Ecclesiastes 12:8). Let vanity be vanity, and glorify the LORD my God, who art [is] in heaven.

Why should you burden my God? Should you wear down the heavens that they shall suffer anguish and sorrows? Bring peace to my God. Wrap it with good tidings, and let prosperity beseech it. Call unto to LORD that he will give you understanding, and your hearts shall desire the truth. Forsake vanity, and seek the pleasures of the LORD.

This new heaven and new earth, shall not have vain things. The God of Israel, my God, shall bring peace upon this earth, and wisdom in the hearts of men. Let your thoughts be godly. Let your ways be Christ like. Let all that you do be pleasing to God. Examine yourselves, and the wisdom of your ways. If they are not aligned with the righteous God of mine, then depart from them. Depart from those who glorify vanity. Why cling to something that is worth nothing? Why even consider it wise? Is anything wise that comes from the pit? Is anything wise that goes down in the pit? All is vanity. I tell you this truth, the glory of God shall prevail against all things, even the vain things. The glory of God shall stand up with might. And I shall stand next to it, even to the ends of the days. [My God approves of this].

We who are sons of God shall not partake in vain things. For that which is heavenly shall be heavenly. And that which is earthly shall be earthly. Now I speak as a man. Shall I burden you with these questions? How long will it take you to get to heaven ? And how long will it take you to get to hell? How long shall you hold on to vanity? And who shall reclaim the atrocities that lie in the balance?

Right now [this very moment], many are standing in hell. I tell you the truth. That if my God shall come today, death shall come upon them. What is heavenly they will not consider it. I say to all that is vain, put away the vain things; and seek the Salvation of the LORD my God, Jesus Christ. And let Christ purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God (Hebrews 9:14).

Give glory to whom glory is due. Let my God have all of it; for it is he that behold glory. God is Glory, and who shall say otherwise? Show me one, and I shall show you a fool. But when you come, come with clean hearts to my God; and bring not vain glory to the LORD. Remove your filthy garments; put on thy garment of honor and righteousness, and scantify the LORD my God. Bring unto the LORD glory more precious than silver and gold. And let his bosom be filled with gladness. Let the heavens rejoice by your hand, and let the heart of my God be joyful and sweet.

[O how I love the LORD my God, and who shall take that away]? Not even life nor death shall take me away from Christ (Romans 8:38).

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