Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created (Revelation 4:11).

Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatest is unseachable (Psalm 145:3).

Holy Father, thou art God all by yourself. Who then can deny you that right? Today, and all the days to come, let your name be exalted. Amen

Praise God with boldness. For he that is bold in Christ shall also be rewarded boldly. Let us praise our God of mercy, our God who giveth grace upon this earth, who shed his light in darkness, that man may see his goodness, and praise his blessed name.

Thy way O God is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God (Psalm 77:13)?

My God is great. Even before the foundation of the world thou art great. O holy One of Israel, thou art the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Many praises to you my LORD, for your mercy and goodness are beyond measure. I declare to the world the goodness and greatness of God. Out of the righteousness of his words were all things made. His righteousness is higher than many mountains. It exends to the heavens. The beauty of God is upon this earth. The beauty of God is in the heavens. Rejoice in the goodness of God. Rejoice in the mercy he has bestowed upon this world. Rejoice in the judgement of the great God of Israel. Rejoice in my God who does all things that his pleasures may be abundant.

Let his ways be exalted above all. Let me give you a taste of the pleasures of God; for they are sweet. Let this be a testimony that the mighty works of God prevail, now, and forevermore. The works of God are joyful and delightful to his saints. The heavens will dance and sing, and the earth will move because God is great and worthy to be praise. Zion will rejoice. O yea; the day is coming when Zion will rejoice with the blessings of the LORD. Yea; forever and ever, they will rejoice (Psalm 14:7; 53:6).

Let us remember our great God of Israel at all times. Let us praise Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who walked in the flesh among the sons of men and delivered the message of hope. That, those who believe him shall not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16;36). O what manner of man is Jesus Christ? He is the Son of the living God, the High priest, the prince who brings liberty to this world to those who believe, gave his life on the Cross on Calvary for sinners like me and you, a burden only he could bear, because salvation belongs to him… For there is no other name under heaven given among men, where by we must be saved (Acts 4:12).

Let this be a testimony that we have all sinned and fell short of the glory of God, who in his goodness and mercy shed his grace upon this earth to redeem sinners like us. Oh yea, let the wise rejoice, and praise the Lord. Let them remember the goodness and mercy of God. He made merry the heart with wine. And he turned water into blood. He freed his anointed from the hand of the devil. Can you see the awesome power of God? Can you see his goodness and mercy towards his people, in the faces of their enemies? The glory God has given this world is bountiful and flowing with the blood of the Lamb. He gave his life on the Cross, was burried, resurrected on the third day, that you and I may be saved, and glorify his blessed name. Praise God, who bringeth light in the midst of darkness. Praise him, children of Abraham. Praise him, inheritance of the kingdom of God. Oh the goodness and mercy of God are flowing bountifully. I will rejoice in the name of the LORD my God.

I will speak of the glorious honour of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works (Psalm 145:5).

My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD: and let all flesh bless his holy name forever and ever (Psalm 145:21). O Father, I will lift you up above the highest heaven. And you shall be my God. Glory to Almighty God. Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth dance and sing with glory. Let the heart of my God be filled with joy, forever and ever. Amen

You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that you should show forth the praises of him who have called you out of darkness into his marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9).

The hand of God has laid the foundation of the earth, and his right hand had spanned the heavens: when he call unto them they stand up together (Isaiah 48:13). Who can do this but Almighty God, the Holy One of Israel?

Let the LORD God have the glory, now, and forever more. He created all things out of nothing. The heavens and earth, and all there in are his. Just look at yourselves, and you would see the works of the mighty God. Is he not an awesome God? Yea, a God of glory and hope. You have seen the rising of the sun in the morning with the glory of God. Shall you then say that there is no God, and the sun has a mind of its own? The LORD has redeemed his servant Jacob (Isaiah 48:20). Must we now turn our backs on our faithful God? Are we a people of vanity to deny the great God his glory? Who are you that you would anoint the lesser and the least and despise the God of glory? The greatest of them all, Almighty God, man would not honour and praise. Even Satan know of God but will not give him his glory. But instead would provoke us to disobey God. Many glorify this world, the things of this world, which giveth nothing good, but taketh away the soul and bringeth darkness as a remembrance of their deeds. The hands of the wicked, men would glorify. But the hands of God they would scorn and disgrace. It is true that few will enter into the gates of heaven. The words of God will prevail, even to the end. Now I bless my LORD and Savior who is not of this world, but bringeth light into this world that those who believe may see, and not die in shame. And no one shall take it away. No one shall take away the hope and glory of my God. No one shall stand up against my God and prevail. Let the quicken in Spirit rejoice. But let the dead in spirit mourn; for it shall not be well with thee, lest you come to your senses and accept the Lord my God. Depart from the ways of wicked men, and gather up the treasures of the glory of God. For what shall the treasures of them worth that seek the dust, the dregs of the earth. It shall all come to nothing, but laden in tears of everlasting sorrows. The intelligence of the unwise is in the depths of hell. But he who is wise shall not suffer these misfortunes.

It is a sad thing if you find yourselves dishonoring God; for he blinded the eyes and harden the hearts of disbelievers (John 12:40). Who then shall honour you on judgment day? Who will save your souls in the day of reckoning? The goodness of God will not go to waste. The faithful working of his hand shall not be without glory. All have come to know the salvation of God. But many have not stayed in the wisdom of God. Shout for joy if you honour God. Go tell it on the mountain that your God is mighty and great. Oh, how sweet and beautiful are the hearts of those who believe Christ and honour him. Who will not honour the great God of Israel? Who will not sing praises, and rejoice in the LORD my God? He who has elevated himself in darkness and clothed himself in shame. The wicked have seen the glory of God and will not declare it. The wicked man will say there is no God. The wicked man would defile the greatness of God. The wicked man would dishonour God. He will not cease from his perverted ways. His wisdom has become to nothing. All is vanity. His thoughts are like empty vapour. His ways are tossed in the wind and withered away. He love and glorify himself, the things of this world, and not his maker who have created them all. That is the wisdom of the foolish. Vanity shall not service death. But those who die in Christ shall live for eternity.

The wicked claim to be free and wise. And yet they deny the greatness of God. Now I ask you, is there freedom in bondage? How can the dead live, if not through Christ? Did Christ died on the cross in vain? Will God not have his glory? The glory of God will not be nullified because men lack wisdom and understanding. If you are subjected by the ways of this world, covered under darkness, burried in sin, are you then worthy without Christ who came for that very purpose – to free the sons of men from the hand of the devil? The spirit of bondage is the spirit of unrighteousness. The kingdom of God is not of bondage and unrighteousness, but one of righteousness, hope and freedom. They that are free with the Spirit of God shall walk in heavenly places. And they that are bond with the spirit of darkness shall be cast into the depths of hell. Those whose hearts are chained with the bondage of corruption and death will not see the face of God. There shall be no rest for the wicked. My LORD has declared it. My God will have no pleasure in wickedness. Shall God bring peace and gladness to the wicked or to his saints? Shall my God deem unrighteousness worthy? The unrighteousness of men will not prevail against the goodness of God. What manner of man would not praise God? But he that would take the glory of God and turn it into shame. If God is not your God, then who shall have mercy on your souls? If you will not rejoice in God, shall you rejoice in Zion? Will Zion be deceived by the hearts of men? Will God not have his glory? Those who shame and dishonour God, must they also bring to remembrance the inheritance of God? It shall not be so. For their days shall be full with sorrows, and darkness shall consume them. The truth that the wicked deny shall also judge them. But I will stand here before you, and glorify God. For even in the wombs he bring forth great things. Are we then to consider ourselves worthy without the hand of God? God forbid. He made men gods upon this earth — that they bestowed judgement upon man for his errors, and all was done for his glory and honour. Can we deny the wisdom of God then, that he may do such a thing? We cannot. For his laws govern all laws, all kings, all gods. Is not God a great God? What can you say about the wisdom of God? Is not the great God of Israel, the God of honour and glory? Look up, and see the awesome wonders of God: the stars dance in the night with glory. The moon also sing praises in the night to honour the great God. Look around you. Let your eyes take photos in your midst and in the far distance: vast oceans displayed for miles upon miles, with unseachable depths, waves that can reach heights with ferocity, putting the fear of God in man, for all to see. Search your hearts and find the true goodness of God. His truth, his Word is in all things. And all were made for his glory. Must the hill fall on you for you to honour God? Must you wait until you are wither and old to glorify God? Must the sun turn dark and the moon red before you say, there is the great God of Israel? Who can declare all these things from the beginning but the Holy One of Israel? The day is soon approaching when you shall see the Son of God decending from heaven: then you shall say, truly this is the God of glory. Great and mighty is his name. Power and glory he held in his right hand. For all shall see that he is LORD of lords, King of kings, who rules all things, now, and forevermore.

Let me tell you a mystery, that those who glory in themselves alone, and not in the God of glory, shall die in misery and shame. God has deemed you worthy to rule over all things on earth. He made us just a little lower than the angels. Must the lesser things of God honour him and the greater things despise him? Is this the wisdom of the wise? The wise will not not deminish the glory of God, nor will they put him under their feet. They will exalt him in his holiness, and praise the blessed hand of God. Honour and glory will they pour upon God, and cover him with righteousness. Take heed to the word of the wise. Honour men where glory is due. But honour God above all so it may be well with you. For it shall bring shame to men that they may know who is the great God of Israel should they do otherwise. God honour men, the meek, the humble, the pure in heart. He is Almighty God, and yet he do these things as an example that we may follow in his ways, seeing the humility, and the goodness of God. What can you say about that? I bring you truth from my God that you may dwell in the fear of God and live and die without shame. I tell you these things as a messenger of God, that all should come to their senses and honour God. I will stand up for God; for even in the depths of hell he stood up for me. I will not reserve my tongue. But I will exalt the LORD. For he shew me his mercy and grace, and did not denied me his salvation. These words that I bring to you are not without merit. Would my God lie to me upon my bed? For he bringeth to me glory in the day and glory in the night. For it is my God who will bestow honour or shame upon men on judgment day. I bring forth a message of the light of God, hoping that you may dwell in the glory of God. I bring to you a message of hope should you honour God, but a message of destruction should you dishonour him. There is no profit in dishonouring God. It shall all be vanity in the sight of God. Let not the wisdom of God depart from you. Be wise as children of judgement, and let the blessings of God fall upon you. Show my God glory while you are still alive; for how can you honour my God in the grave. Even among the heathens praise him, and exalt his holy name. Lift him up, above the highest heaven. Dance; and sing. Honour my God. And he will remember you in the last days. My God keeps his word, because he is God of truth, honour, and glory. Oh, how good is my God that he established all things in truth. Holy is his name. Righteous and blessed are my God. Merciful and full of grace are God, until the day of judgement when his wrath shall come upon the sons of men who despised him. For there shall be no rest for the unbelievers. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of believers in Christ. If you are born of Christ, washed in the blood of the Lamb, and sanctified with the Spirit of God, you will honour God. The words of God will not fall in the dust and vanish away. Shall men make the power of God ineffective because they lack wisdom, knowledge, and understanding? By all means no. The truth that my LORD giveth upon this earth will prevail. Even among the heathens it will prevail.

Those who hold their tongues and conceal the truth in their hearts, that the living God is the great God, they also shall have their reward in the end. Should anyone deny the great, wise God of Israel, him shall he deny in the end. For all have seen the glory of God; for he made man in his image and likeness — that no man shall say that there is no God, lest he be the son of perdition.