LOSING SALVATION ONCE RECEIVED: Is that even possible? by Mikey St. John


If God honour you by calling you to the Cross, then who can dishonor you? If God glorifies you through Christ, who can take that away? Absolutely no one. Now I tell you this, be foolish and believe that only through Christ you can be made righteous. That by his hands your foolishness may become wise. This world will never understand the wisdom of God, but you will. Be ye lovers of understanding that you may live. I declare unto you beloved, the joy of the Lord, that you shall become saints in Christ that your joy may be full. Let the heavens rejoice today because your sins are forgiven. Let us all then be baptized with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of wisdom, honour, and glory, that we may become one with Christ and abide in the bountiful love of God. You see how…

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