It is better to save lives that to kill…God hates hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:17). Hear the ordinance of God, and believe it to be so.

Can this world see the goodness of God, and follow it? Can they see what is right and just in the eyes of the LORD, and do it? Can they not bestowed upon themselves the darkness of death, and, instead let the light of God shine within them? Can they seek to glorify God by their good deeds and not magnify the works of the devil? Can the peace of the LORD prevail in the hearts of men? Can they seek refuge in the Word of the LORD? For he giveth rest to all that seek him.

Thou shall not kill (Exodus 20:13). It is God who have given life, and only he has the right to taketh away. But man is defiance and wicked and will not honour my God. But the day will come when all shall bow before my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; for that is the will of God. And it will be done. The words of God will be fulfilled.

They have set their ways against my God. But he is not an idle God who neither slumber nor sleep. O Living God, take heed to the deeds of the wicked who kill babies because they think they have the right to do so, on their own accord, an in accordance with the laws of men, whose desire is to muder the children of God.

Killing babies are ungodly and should not be taken lightly. Behold, the vengeance of my God will come upon those who have shed the blood of another and have not seek the forgiveness of the great God of Israel, because of ignorance, arrogance, fallacious wisdom that are justified by their kind, haughtiness, brutality, and pride.

You will not have your way with God. The meek and the humble you have slaughtered with horrific, murderous acts of Satan, spilling innocent blood all over this land. You have adhered in the ways of Satan; for he is a murderer, cast down from heaven, poisoning the hearts and minds of men, trying to destroy the infrastructure of humanity. And many seem to find comfort in his evil ways. Why must you follow in his footsteps, and glorify him? These acts are worthy of death, and the judgement of God will come upon you (Romans 1:32). I will not lay fast asleep and let you have your way. No one will defile the law of God and destroy the children of the LORD in the womb, lest he or she also dig a pit for his or her soul. The heavens are crying. The tears of my God will not be wasted. Babies are crying, crying out for mercy in the wombs of mothers who have taketh upon themselves to destroy the children of God, whose hope have been crushed mercilessly, with acts of disarray and selfishness. Must the hope of the helpless little ones be destroyed so that you can merry in your wickedness?Must the good deeds of God be trampled on? Oh, what evil the heart and mind can conceive. What a heartless generation, who take pleasure in destruction. With their hearts cold as ice and hard as steel, they declare vengeance on the innocent, seeking to destroy the lights of humanity. Oh, the minds of the wicked will not seek God. Instead, they march on like soldiers of Satan as they carry banners from hell, and glorify themselves in their corruption. They say it is their bodies, and they have the right to do what pleases them. But the last time I checked, God was still in control. He created all things, and no one created him. They have lost their minds. They have bring reproach and contempt upon themselves. Death has consumed them. They have taken God’s temples of holiness and made them into blood baths. He did not give them the right to make wombs into cemeteries. He did not give them the right to held captive the unborn children of the womb. He said, be fruitful and multiple… (Genesis 1:28). They have shut their ears to the screams of babies in anguish. But they take to the streets with bloody signs of disorder, pounding their rebellious chests, death and disgrace upon their faces, and demonstrated their defiance against the righteous God. Immersed in ruthlessness and boldness, they rant and rave, seeking death instead of life. They circle the globe like vultures seeking to devour helpless babies. God said, thou shall not kill (Exodus 20:13). But as children of darkness, disobedience and wrath, they choose instead to disobey and disregard the supreme God. They have trampled on the ordinance of God, breakers of the covenant of God who will bring upon themselves his wrath. This world have fallen from its foundation. The sore displeasure of God will rise upon this earth because of disobedience and transgressions. The laws of God intended for the integrity of humanity have been forgotten, broken like a potter’s vessel, and thrown into the spoils. The war of God will come upon this earth, and man would see what the wrath of God looks like. The wickedness of man will not prevail. My God will not stand by idle and see the destruction of humanity. This is a promise to those who love to kill and destroy. The cries of the innocent will not go unheard. Zion is crying out. Zion is crying out for mercy. No peace shall come upon this earth until Zion rejoices. The righteousness of my God will come upon Zion with glory. Zion will have its way. So says it, so let it be done [says the Holy Spirit].

The earth mourned and fadeth away, the world languished and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish. The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, change the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant (Isaiah 24:4 – 5).

It is a violent act to take lives, very violent. When the love of God is removed from the hearts of men darkness takes over. It allows the devil to step in, and take control. He is always ready to convince the wicked to do the evil things. He justifies the means to the cause, making them believe that it is okay to destroy lives with total disregard for their souls.

It takes a great degree of confusion and hate to kill and think you are doing yourselves and this world a favor. These premeditated acts of cruelty shall render you no peace until you stand before God and repent. This [killing] is not the solution to what you may consider to be a problem. There is a better way. Let life prevail. Take your problems to God and to God fearing people in the churches of his holiness. But please, leave these babies alone. It is the right thing to do. But more importantly, it is the godly thing to do. God will not forget these beastly, inhumane acts.

Babies have the right to live. What have they done to deserve this? How can we stand by idle and not fight for these unborn babies? It is difficult to see the slaughter of God’s children. Frankly speaking, it makes me sick to my stomach. I will fight for them. My God will fight for them. I will remember them in my prayers. They shall not be forgotten. Freedom from destruction shall come to the unborn children. When Zion rejoices I will be glad. I shall praise the LORD, and glorify my God. Forever and ever, it shall be done.

O LORD my God, how many rivers of tears can wash away the darkness from the hearts of men? How many sorrows can mourn the ways of the evil? O LORD, heartless minds deprived of the wisdom and fear of God, and souls that carry the agonies of death walketh upon this earth seeking to destroy and corrupt the uncorruptable. They tarry, fighting for the unjust laws, to kill instead of save lives. What have they become my LORD? How can they defile the ordinance of God, mercilessly killing babies? But you my God are not sleeping. The God of Israel will not slumber nor sleep. And he will rise up again with vengeance to destroy the children of the devil, the evils of this world. For the word of God are not to be dismissed or scoffed at. All must dishonor wickedness, despise the killing of babies, reject the desensitization of abortions which is becoming the normalcy in this twisted society, and not defile the law of God. My LORD should be honored. He should be glorified. And his ordinance must be kept. All who opposes my God will live in shame. Disorder shall be stamped into their hearts, and their souls shall be defiled. They shall not taste liberty. But death shall cling to them with vengeance.

The LORD said, “Thou shall not kill.” And yet many are like savages, taking the lives of the innocent. The day will come when all murderers will face the judgement of God. What will you say to him then? You rejoice in taking the lives of the unborn. You rejoice in taking away the hope of the unborn. You rejoice in destruction. You rejoice in condemnation. You rejoice in death and the deep seated darkness of this world. You rejoice in the ways of the devil. All things contrary to the ways of the righteous God you rejoice in them. You have bring pain to the heart of my God. You have filled his bosom with sorrows. You have caused his tears to flow to the dust. You have done all these things, and then you say you love God. What manner of love is this that you would disobey my God and call it love? There shall be no joy in the wombs of murderers until they repent of their sins. Do not be deceived by the devil. The unrighteous will not endure everlasting joy. The path of unrighteousness is crocked, laden with thorns, bitterness, and lamentations.

O LORD my God, thou art the Sovereign God. You are still in charge, and all will be held accountable for their deeds. My God, you have nullified the ferociousness of the lions and delivered Daniel in the lions’ den by shutting the lions’ mouths (Daniel 6:22). You have humbled Pharaoh, removed his haughtiness, and delivered your people from captivity. You can search all things, even the deepest parts of the earth, and distinguish truth from lies. Nothing is hidden from you. My God, you can do all things. You are not a lazy God. You deliver the weak and the innocent. You hear the cries of the helpless. You hear the cries of the righteous pleading for mercy. You hear the cries of the innocent. You hear the cries of babies in the wombs crying for mercy. I know you hear it my LORD. Why do the heathens rage and image vain things (Psalm 2:1)? Why do they dance in vanity my God and say to themselves we will have it our way? Why do they seek death and trample on live? Do they not have hearts that are soften with the tenderness of my God?

What law is this that man would make to validate the killing of babies in the womb? Is this not a law contrary to the law of God? Are we not to adhere to the law of God, and despise that of man, if it is not aligned with the teachings of God? For the laws of man seeketh destruction and death, why do you cling to them? But the laws of God giveth life. I tell you these things that the Spirit may bring to your eyes the good things of God, and the things of destruction. So that you may depart from evil, and rejoice in the goodness of God. My God is wise in his ways. Listen to my God so you may live. For he giveth life to those who seek him, giving glory to the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Let no one deny you your birthright. Let no one deny you your inheritance. For the LORD my God has considered it fit to write your names in the Book of Life should you depart from killing babies in the womb, the ways of the devil, the ways of eternal destruction, and abide by the ways of God. The word of my God is true. If you love the LORD, he also will love you to the end.

O God, the lamentations are great. The foundation of the earth is opened. The wicked have fallen into the depths of hell. Let not the sons of men merry in their wickedness without the vengeance of God. Let those who brutalize the innocent from the womb know that judgment day is coming. For what they considered to be the joy of wickedness will turn into the agonies of everlasting sorrows. Let the gods of the earth take heed. Let the judges of this earth take heed (Psalm 2:10). Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little…(Psalm 2:11 – 12). Take heed of the seriousness of God, lest you perish in destruction. Know that he is God. And he is angry with the wicked every day (Psalm 7:11). But it does not have to be this way. God, who is full of love, and an abundance of mercy is willing to quicken the dead in spirit, remove the boundless chains that have left the spirit in captivity, give you freedom, make glad your souls that will honor life and his laws, if you will seek his forgiveness and depart from your lives of death and cherish that of the unborn. Be advocates who support the law of God and not the devil. Let the heavens rejoice in what you do, but do not anger my God. Open your hearts and plead to my God. Repent! Let him remove death from your souls. Ask him to forgive you for all the willful abortion(s) you have committed. Tell him that you are murderers, and you are repenting for this sin. Do not walk around with the heaviness of death in your hearts. Let him find pity on you so he may pour out his grace upon your faces before it is too late. Ask yourself, am I predestined to be a child of God, a citizen of Zion, a high priest of God, or an inhabitant of hell? You were not born to be a monster. You were not born to be a murderer. You were not born to rebel against the laws of God. Let me extend the hope of God to you that you may seek the LORD in this hour of repentance for the sins you have done in your darkest hour so that you may live in the glory of God.

O LORD my God, what have we become? Father, you know me. You have seen the anguish in my heart and the agonies in my soul. You have seen the many rivers that flow with tears for the unborn. You have searched my heart and find truth. My God, hear my cry. Let it come to an end. Let the heavens rejoice, dear Father. Let the heavens dance with the glory of my God. Let them sing holy, holy, holy, he is our blessed LORD. Let it be done for your will, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen