Who are wise among you, yet have not seek the wisdom of God should consider this.

Your desires of vanity will only full your hearts with death. If you choose to gather up the treasures of this world and they are worthless and full of death, what have you really accomplished? Better to be without the ornaments of vanity, but to be filled with the riches of the meek and the glory of God. Let all man value the things of his life. Let them be of value and not lacking the substance to be worthy in the sight of God. If you do very little, do them well. Let them be good, equitable, upright, holy, and of good measure. Let them bring joy to your hearts that is not cast away with the waning of time. Do not chase the things that will be blown away in the wind, nor can stand the test of fire. But chase that which is of virtue, vibrant with exclamation, and the glory of God.

Let the hope of the LORD render vibrancy of good cheer that even the heavens will rejoice in your jubilation. I say to you, receive the word of God with good measure, with peace resting upon your shoulders, without the burden of death, but with the Salvation of the LORD thy God. Let the glory of my LORD be magnified in this moment; for this is his hour of jubilation. Let my praises to you, dear God, be abundantly sweet. For all good measure of the Almighty God, who foreknew this moment will come upon his faithful servant. For even the tears are sweet, and your presence is more than I can begin to understand. But your words are true. If we stay close to you, you will stay close to us. In all things I glorify you, not that I am deserving of anything, but because you deemed it necessary to fulfill your promise before the beginning of time. Let your glory dear LORD full my bosom with your love and your righteousness, that I will not depart from the way of the LORD. Let the holy, holy, holy God that I serve be blessed in his holiness. Let the way of my God be the way of everlasting joy.

Upon Zion is flourishing with the glory of God. Let all those who are upright in heart feel the glory of God. Let all those who thirst for the living water be filled. Let all men who walk in the sight of God walk without blemish. Let all sinners come to God with truth and honesty, not hiding their evil, corrupted ways in their bosom, but confessing their sins to him so that they may be saved. Give glory to God in the Highest; for this is a glorious day. Bless my LORD. Amen