Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38).

In the name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, glory be to God.

I come to you with humility, meekness, and the joy of the LORD. I have come boasting in the name of the LORD. I have come full of the Holy Spirit and the glory of God, to share his message of Salvation to the world. When tears soaked my garments I did not waver. When I was ridiculed and trampled on, I did not waver. When they rejected the word of God I did not waver. For my soul mourn for the wicked and the corrupt. The wise claim to know it all, except their eternal death (Isaiah 44:9).

I say to you, be fools in the sight of God, lest you glorify yourselves in your wickedness. What glory have you deemed yourselves, except the glory of death? Be foolish, and be saved. Be humble and meek in the sight of God. Seek the wisdom of God. Let his truth be ingrained in your souls. Let his words bring joy to your hearts. Taste the sweetness of the LORD. The pleasures of the LORD are more than the pleasures of the rising sun. They are more than the dewdrops in the morning. The LORD is sweet. Oh yes, glorify my God. Glorify my God with the pleasures of Mount Zion. Glorify my God among the heathens. Even in the midst of darkness glorify my God. Choose life and glorify my God. Why would you rather die?

God is gracious and merciful in his ways. Even to the end, he is expecting those who are not in Christ to repent of their sin and receive Salvation. But we see in Revelation 16, man will not glorify God. And instead they have chosen to curse him. This is the heart of the God of this world.

O LORD God Almighty, only you can do what you do. Only you can endure so much and yet have so much patience. My gracious God, oh, so patient and full of love, plead to the sinners of this world. Come to me with your sins, and I will give you life. Why would you hide your sins from God? Why would you cover yourselves with death? Glorify my Father, who is in heaven. Repent, children of wickedness. Repent, and glorify my God. Let it be that your names are in the book of life and not in the book of death.

O LORD, sweet is your name. Precious you are, dear God, righteous and merciful, pure, without blemish, faithful and true to the end. My blessed LORD, powerful and majestic you are. Glory is your name. Gracious and merciful you are, in your ways, overflowing with grace and love, so delightful, a God of many wonders. Brighter than the shining star is my God. The light of the world, is my God. Let the glory of my God be without end. Let it be magnify in the land of the meek. Let it be magnify among the living. Let the praises of my God be forever, and ever. Amen