Wherefore he said, Awake you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light ( Ephesians 5:14).

My God will be exalted. He will be exalted, even among the dead [those lacking the Spirit, the light of God].

Rise up, those who are asleep, and come to God. Come to the LORD, and he will give you rest. Come to the LORD, and he will give you peace. Come to the LORD, and he will give you life without end. He will give you glory that will not cease. Come to the LORD, and feel the joy that he will put into your hearts and souls. I say come to the LORD. I tell you these things because my God has come upon me with glory.

Come to the LORD; leave the baggage, the corruption, and the vanities behind. Today is your day of reckoning with the LORD. Today you get a free pass to the kingdom of God [no money needed, only the grace of God]. Today is your day of glory. All darkness shall be cast away in the shadow of death. Today is the day that the Salvation of the LORD is coming your way. Today you will rise up like eagles with glory. Be of good cheer, and receive the grace of God. Rejoice; for my God is a God of love and glory. Who can stand in the way of God? Come in the light where the grace and glory of God reside. Come just as you are, with all the blemishes and all the burdens that burried you into the depths of darkness. It shall be no more. Receive the freedom of God. Receive the comfort of his bosom. Today is a new day. Today is the day of the righteous Son of God. Today is a day of deliverance by Jesus Christ, the anointed Son of God. Today is the day of Salvation. Today you will drink of the living water. All death will be put beneath your feet. All death will be trampled on and put in its rightful place, in shame, into the depths of hell with its master. The things you used to do, do them no more. You are rebirth, renewed with the honor and glory of God. You are now a free man. The bondage of the shackles are no longer on your feet. Give God praise, and glorify your God, my God and my LORD.

O righteous God, thou art good. Thou art holy, and thou art great. Thou art merciful and full of love. You have made the path to eternal life. You have sanctified and glorify your beloved. You have redeemed their souls from death. You have made them your sons and daughters. Now they are no longer foreigners. For they have the path to the house of God, with freedom. Your glory I have seen dear God. And now they too shall see the glory of my God. They too shall rejoice in the glory of my God. They too shall know that my God is the living God. You have made whole that which was broken. You have trampled on darkness. And you have poured out your light with glory. You have instilled hope in the hopeless. You have removed darkness from their hearts and put the light of God, the light of glory and gladness in them. You have lifted them up to heavenly places. You have given them the living water of your glory. And you have quenched their thirst. Now they glorify you with your joyful delights. They lift you up, dear God, to the Highest. They rejoice on the hill of Zion. With the pleasures of the LORD they glorify you. We rejoice in your goodness forever. We rejoice in your love forever. For the kingdom of our God is glorious. Let your light shine for eternity. And let us glorify your name forever. We bless you Father, Almighty God, in Jesus’s name. Amen