The Light came in the world, but men glorify darkness. Ungodly nations have stand up against my God (John 3:18 – 19). This is an evil generation, preverse in their thinking, fabricators of laws contrary to God’s. They love vanity and not Christ. They will not listen to truth, but they adore lies. They merry themselves wtih them. They honour the devil, and they say they honour God. My God has become a burden unto them, unaware that tomorrow shall be worst they continue to dishonor him. But know this — no other god will do what my God has done. No other god can do what my God can do. He commanded the heavens and they listen. Whatever he has spoken shall be. Whom he have blessed no one can curse. He knows all things. He hears all things. He answers the call of his beloved saints… Call on your wicked god, and see if he answers you in your foolishness. Then I shall call on my God, the great God of Israel. And you shall see the works of the living God. You shall see how heaven shall rejoice in my calling. And I shall proclaim the mighty power of God. I shall proclaim the works of the conqueror, the deliverer, the freedom fighter, the miracle worker […], the giver of Salvation. I shall proclaim the liberty of the Lord. Yea, I shall do these things even in the midst of the wicked. And no one shall remove the glory of God. And I shall boast in the LORD all day long (Psalm 44:8); for I serve a mighty God.

Who shall extend their gratitude to the heavens and exalt Almighty God? Who shall praise my God in his holiness? Who shall erect an altar for my God? Who shall go to God with a pure heart and rejoice with me, and glorify him?Who shall stand with me against the enemy? Who shall love the LORD my God with their whole heart and soul? Who shall worship God the Father in spirit and in truth? Those who are in the image of God stand up, and glorify God. Stand up in the name of Jesus. And let us sing a new song. Let us make a joyful noise unto the LORD. Let us anoint our God bountifully, who have sealed us with righteousness and salvation. Let it overflow forever and ever. Let us stand on the foundation of Christ, the rock, and rejoice in our God. Let us rejoice in the light that shineth in Zion. O magnify my God, and let us exalt his name together, forever (Psalm 34:3). He is LORD and God. It is he who span the heavens with everlasting glory. O Father, receive your glory; for it is I, your beloved and humble servant who you have lifted up to the heavens. You have not hidden your face from me. Let the true believers in Christ stand with God; for my God will stand with them. Wherever you are there will my God be. To the saints, the faithful in our righteous and most High God — let us bless our God who is holy, holy, holy. For our LORD has been good to us.

God despise the wicked, partakers who celebrate the dead, those who honour and glorify other gods, dead gods, who can do nothing. Erectors of Christmas trees instead of altars, hear me — your works are not worthy in the sight of God. Your works shall not prosper. My God has hidden his face from you. Followers of Santa, hear me — your foolishness does not please God. Your songs are not celebrated in heaven, but hell rejoices in your madness.

Christmas is men’s ignorance and defiance against the supreme God, a time for pretending to love God, gift giving and the worshipping of it, to satisfy their desires of vanity, to rejoice in their madness, to perpetuate lies, to deceive their children with their foolishness, to glorify themselves and Satan in their wickedness, and not for the redemption of sinners or the gratifying of our Lord Jesus Christ. Instead nations have come together to celebrate their wicked deeds. The harlots of the world have come together to make a mockery of the righteous God. But the day is coming when the Lord will judge this world, when the burdens of this world shall be cast away. The confidence of those who dishonor God shall come to nothing. Yea, it shall be like the grass that withered away, and like the wind that bloweth. Cease from your wicked ways; for the terrible day of the LORD is coming. Think it not that I say this lightly: no enemy of God shall enter into his kingdom.

O, the maladies of a celebration created by the hand of Satan to deceive the world have consumed the blind. Many have fallen for the maladies of a celebration crafted by the hand of the devil, foolishly honoring dead gods who cannot save them, neither themselves. And like a sickness, this is infecting the hearts and minds and souls of those who cannot discern between good and evil. For what may appear to be good is not always good. The wicked have attached the name Christ to mas [omitting one of the letter s from ‘mass’ held by the Catholic religion, a false doctrine from the beginning, masters of graven images, imposters of High Priest of God (Exodus 28:2 – 6; Revelation 17:1 – 5), [notice that blue, one of the colors of the robe of the High Priest of God is missing from the robe of the Catholic priest – this is so not by chance. God does not approve of their work – the heavens does not rejoice in their work], workers of inequities, in their plot, for the sake of deceiving the world…], and called it good. They shall not taste the glory of God. Their foundation is on shakey ground, rooted in evil and wickedness. But all of this shall come to nothing. All vain things they do. They crucify Christ repeatedly, thinking it to be good. Unaware, without the spirit of wisdom, they do not understand that Christ died once for the sins of the world. And that is sufficient unto those who believe. They celebrate their madness and call it good. They rejoice in their vanities and call them good. [These are the 7 Spirts of God (Isaiah 11:1 – 3) which they lack, as discussed]. Clearly, these destroyers of souls do not have the Spirit of God. Their works do not glorify God. I say this with the authority given to me by my God, and the Holy Spirit. And who shall stand against it, know that you stand against God. They call on God, but he does not listen (Psalm 50:16). But if I call on God he will listen. He always listens. My Father always hear my voice. Because I am washed and sealed by the cleaning blood of the Lamb, and God shall be glorify by what I do. My soul is in God’s hand, the right hand, the strong arm of God. The glory of God is with me. Heaven is on my side, forever!

The infrastructure of what most consider to be honourable is based on evil and wickedness, the deeds of the spirit of error. The foundation is out of course. There is nothing good about it. There is nothing sensible about this. This is a big joke. They have imagined a vain thing. Businesses long for this time of the year. And the materialistic world can’t seem to get enough of their wants. People tell lies to their children, perpetuate disorder and destruction, have them sit on strangers’ laps, dressed up in big red suits, making a mockery of Christ and my God. And not only that, in New York state we see massive gathering of people dressed up in these outfts, feasting on alcohol, to honour their wicked gods, certainly not the Christ on the Cross on Calvary. The more I think about it — it makes me sick. The tears of my God will not be in vain. Open your eyes that you may see the craftiness, the fallacies of the devil. Lovers of vanity open your eyes. How long will you turn the glory of God into shame (Psalm 4:2)? Is this the way to honour the Lord of lords and King of kings? Do not be too quick to honour the things that most glorify. I tell you, for this very reason, many will not see the face of God. Where is the loyalty to God? Celebrate life and love and our righteous God, but not the devil. This message the Holy Spirit has given me. Take heed! Be wise, and glorify God. For he will bring to remembrance the ways of the foolish.

If we are going to honor God, let us not be selective in the days we choose to do that. Our Christ is worthy of praise at any given moment. Must we then wait for a day, whose origin [is Pagan] does not have anything to do with the righteous God we serve to say thank you LORD; we give you praise and honor; you are our God and blessed Lord? We must not forget that Satan rival God. And he will do all he can to mislead, persuade people to follow his corrupt path [even if out of ignorance]. But our God is a God of infinite wisdom. So we seek him, his teachings, his truth, for answers in the way we ought to honor him. The Bible tells us that we should serve only the One true God, the living, faithful God, and that we should not add or diminish from the word of God (Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:30 – 32; Revelation 22:18). We must oblige to the word of God, and that is final. Let us not get caught up in everyone’s teachings if they do not align with God’s. Seek truth and you will find it in the word of God. Leave the lies alone!

Christmas is not mention anywhere in the Bible. Then why are we so quick to associate it with Christ? O the deeds of the Catholic church. Their hands are filthy says my God. Their robes are full of spots and blemishes. They do not honour the righteous God. Not even their prayers he will answer. They have taken the ways of the devil and have caused many to fall for the errors of their ways. But must we, the believers in Christ, carry the maladies of Babel and at the same time honor God? It should not be this way. How long are you going to follow the spirit of errors, and the ways of corrupt and disorderly nations and world? How great are these nations if they do not follow the word of God? How great is this world without God? I tell you this, there is no greatness in evil and wickedness. The devil is a liar. May God punish the devil. Who is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end? My God is majestic. Many nations have faulter so badly, and yet they faulter; and the blessings of God are not upon them. They will sing until they cannot sing no more, but God will not hear their voices. Instead, God’s blessings are upon his children in Christ. And we must do everything so as to not tarnish the birth and resurrection of Christ. We must put our trust in God, knowing that we are the chosen who have overcome the world, and are faithful in Christ. True believers in Christ must stand up for his purity and the cleansing of the precious blood of the Lamb. If there is only a hint of Paganism in the celebration, then we should abstain from it. And before partaking in a celebration, a custom as such, rooted in wickedness, we should ask ourselves are we pleasing the God we love or his rival the devil?

Many associate this day with disorder, drunkenness, vile behaviors that is distant from godliness. Would we align ungodliness with God? God forbid. We should endeavor to celebrate Christ every day. And instead refrain from clustering the churches with these heathen whose only endeavor is to glorify themselves and not my God on this one [lonely] day as a means of honoring God, thinking themselves to be wise in their vanities(Psalm 26:3 – 5). Will Christ hear the voice of the wicked? Will my God hear the voice of the wicked (Psalm 50:16; 66:18)? It shall not profit them. My God shall find no pleasure in wickedness. We should be wise, as well as, take pride in humility, not seeking our own wisdom so as to not deface the importance of the word of God. What is the wisdom of man if not of God? Is there wisdom in wickedness? Who have thought you a lie? The wisdom of man have come to nothing. They are all foolishness. There is no glory of God in them. Shall the wicked glorify my God? It shall not be so. Let us seek God’s grace and mercy that our days may be meaningful and wise upon this earth. Every day should be a remembrance of the glory of God and the righteous power he has bestowed upon us, the faithful believers in Christ, the anointed Son, begotten of the Father, our Father in heaven. Let us live in the glory of God, as adopted children of the blessed blood line of our father Abraham who pleased God’s heart.

Let it be that you do not deny yourselves the truth, the word of God. For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1). That he gave his only begotten Son to die on the Cross of Salvation, so that we may live, and live abundantly. Let us praise God in his holiness on each and every day, rejoicing in the anointed Son of God, the Christ, the foundation, the rock upon the mount of Zion. Let us remember the love of God. And that we ought to love God with all our heart and soul and mind (Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37). Let us please God in our rejoicing. If we rejoice in Christ and we hate our brothers and sisters, then we rejoice in vain. Many harness the vanities of this world for the sake of pride. But God hates the prideful. For with pure hearts we must rejoice in the Lord. With a kind and forgiving spirit we must rejoice in the LORD. Let it be that your hearts are not full with the bitterness of guile in your rejoicing. Let it be that your tongues are not full with the scorn of darkness. Let it be that you are not the drunken scum of this earth on any day [not only this day] of rejoicing. Remember those with little faith and dwindling hope as we seek to please God. Remember those that are suffering, the poor, and the needy. Remember those who are desolate, those who are dying of hunger. Remember that we celebrate God with our love for others. Remember this, remember this says my Lord. For in so doing, my death on the Cross will not be in vain. Remember my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Praise him without end. For the kingdom of God is in his hand. Bless my Lord and my God, for all eternity. Amen.

There is hope for those who are not in Christ. There is hope in Christ on the Cross on Calvary. If they would repent of their sins my God will forgive them. May the grace of God find them. May the blessings of God be upon you. And may the anointing Spirit of the Holy Ghost be upon you, the faithful believers in Christ.