Today should not be a day for the drunk and disorderly. Today should not be a day for the prideful and the wise, who will use even this occasion to deface the significant of this glorious celebration. But today should be a day of remembrance of the glory of God and the righteous power he has bestowed upon us because of his anointed Son, Christ Jesus. So live in the glory of God, as adopted children of the blessed blood line of our father Abraham.

Let it be that you do not deny yourselves the truth, the word of God. For in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1). That he gave his only begotten Son to die on the Cross of Salvation, so that we may live, and live abundantly. Let us praise God in his holiness on this day of rejoicing in the anointed Son of God, the Christ, the foundation, the rock upon the mount of Zion. Let us remember the love of God. And that we ought to love God with all our heart and soul. If we rejoice in Christ and we hate our brothers and sisters, then we rejoice in vain. For with pure hearts we must rejoice in the Lord. With a kind and forgiving spirit we must rejoice in the LORD. Let it be that your hearts are not full with the bitterness of guile on this day of rejoicing. Let it be that your tongues are not full with the scorn of darkness. Let it be that you are not the drunken scum of this earth on this day of rejoicing. Remember those with little faith and dwindling hope. Remember the suffering, the poor, and the needy. Remember those who are desolate, those who are dying of hunger. Remember that we celebrate God with our love for others. Remember this, remember this says my Lord. For in so doing, my death on the Cross will not be in vain. Remember my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Praise him without end. For the kingdom of God is in his hand.