Yesterday you lived under the shadow of darkness. Today is a new day; let it be that you live under the shadow of Almighty God. Let the light of God shine in your hearts. Let it renew your lives as you walk in the path of righteousness.

Beware of those who preach under false pretenses. They shall receive greater damnation (Mark 12:40).

The house of the LORD should be called the house of prayer (Mark 11:17; Luke 19:46). But some preachers have taken the house of the LORD to be the house of robbers and thieves. For day and night they toil with hearts of lust, taking from the poor every last dime, taking from the desperate and needy every last hope. But the word of God stands firmly, even in the hands of the wicked. It will be difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (Mark 10:23). These men teach the word of God and deny themselves the glory of God; for the Spirit of God has removed from their hearts the love of God. Who can cheat God, men of darkness? Who can deceive my God, men of darkness? Who will not do the work of God and think they will be rewarded in my Father’s kingdom have lost their minds.

Vanity becomes vanity. Death becomes death. The way of God is the way of life. If you do the things of the living, then the living God that I love will reward you with the things of the living. But if you do the things of the dead, then he will reward you with the things of the dead. Let it be that you deny yourselves everlasting death and condemnation. Let it be that the glory of God means more to you than the glory of men. Let it be that the joy of the LORD means more to you than the joy of men. The kingdom of my Father is a place of everlasting joy and happiness. These words that I bring to you are pleasing to my LORD. Let them be pleasing to you also.

In the name of the Father, Almighty God, I give thanks and praises. I give thanks and praises to my LORD, the everlasting God, the living and mighty God, who have given me the boldness to speak his word to the congregation, to talk about the glory of God to those who have ears to listen, in so doing, they might receive the grace of God.

Father, I give thanks in all things. For the things you do are wonderful in my eyes. Let your joy, my God, forever be in my heart, that I may glorify you, my Father, for all eternity. May the glory of God be with you all. Amen.