Celebrate the LORD without shame. Celebrate the LORD with the glory he has put into your heart and soul. Celebrate him day and night. For he is our God. He is our precious God.

I call on everyone of you to celebrate the LORD, to celebrate our God, not without wisdom, but with the wisdom given to you by God, our Father, who does all things purposefully. Let it be that you understand who you are, made in the delight of our God. And in so doing you may live in the glory of our God. Praise God in everything. Remember that we are nothing without God, and that our lives depend on him. Praise him with joy. Praise him freely, with boldness that is rich with excitement; for that is the glory deserving of our God. Let the joy of the LORD overflow on to your garments, so that they may become white as snow, sanctify with the blood of the Lamb.

In all things be gracious and meek. Let the hubris of your thoughts be diminished to the point of nonexistence. Let the foolishness of your thoughts be put into the depths of hell. Let the renewal of your minds be exemplified with all things godly. Let your footsteps not depart from the footsteps of God. For the love of God will lead us to the Mount of Zion. The love of God will lead us to the gates of the promise land. The faithful God that we serve does all things if we believe. Believe that he is the God of yesterday, today, and forever. Believe that he is the God who will resurrect the dead. Believe that he is the God of the living. Believe that the glory of God is bountiful. Believe that the power of God resides in your hearts and souls. Believe that God Almighty is the God who delivered us from bondage. He is the God who has spoken all things truthful, all things that will come to pass. Believe that if you stay close to God he will stay close to you. Believe that the God that I love is upon you. O righteous God, O Lamb of God, let your glory dear God be magnified in the midst of the congregation. Let it be magnified with the Holy Spirit. Let it be magnified with the blood of the Lamb. Let it be magnified on the hill of our God. Let it be magnified in the heavens and on the earth. O merciful God, let your praises be without end. For the glory of God is sweeter than honey. Praises be to Almighty God, forever, and ever. Amen.