The LORD is a sunshine of love and joy. Let us marvel in the majestic wonders of our God. For day and night you slept without worry. You thought of nothing; “Why the breath I take has not yet cease.?” And yet you speak while you hear the vibration of your words. These are things to marvel in the greatness of my God. Many watch day and night, and yet they do not see the goodness and greatness of God. Must he shake the heaven and earth before you marvel in him? The Holy Spirit is rejoicing, and while tears touch my heart and soul with the pleasures of my God, I am so delightful. And nothing could please me more than the glory of my living God.

Let us praise our God. Praise him with reverence. Be delightful and in awe. Glorify him with the sweet sounds of your voices. He is our LORD. He is our heavenly God. My precious God loves you. And yet many bring sorrows to my God. Why do they follow men of errors, injustice, corruption, and vanity? Why do they make a mockery of my God? Why do they shame my God? Why do they anger my God? Have they no regard for the truth? For if lies would save their souls then my LORD has spoken in vain. Why do my people follow the darkness when I have given them light? For is it not much better to dwell in the glory of God? They have forgotten the past. Many scoffed at my word then, and now they do the same. Why do my children run from me? I have given them all that they have, and yet they do not see. How much longer must I wait for the wounded sheep to come unto me?

Why do you keep the LORD in limbo when he has not done that to you? Where is the gratitude for my God? Where is the love for my God? Why do you put my God in miry clay when he lifted you up when you were low? He dried your tears away and comforted you. Have you forgotten the goodness of the LORD? Do not be like the wind without memory and without care. Remember your God today, lest he will deny you his glorious kingdom tomorrow.