STAY IN FAITH by Mikey St. John

My brothers and sisters, the word of God has spoken. For we are believers in Christ Jesus, that we may live like soldiers of the Cross of Christ, not to be shaken, but armed with the glory of God. O mighty God, the joy of the Lord.

For many will come to you with fallacies. And many will come to you with tongues of deception. But with the glory of Almighty God, I say to you, believe the word of God. Put your trust in God Almighty, His Word. For that is the word of Salvation, of truth, everlasting life, the light that shines upon Zion. For that faithful day will come, O Hallelujah, when you will rejoice in God Almighty. Do not be persuaded by the wickedness of this world. Do not be misguided by the vanities and corruptions of the wicked. Do not be misled by those who come with sweet tongues, only to bit you with the bitterness of their hearts. Stay away from these chainlinks or chain letters and anything that has the mark of death, the mark of the beast, the mark of the Antichrist. Stay in faith. Read your Bible. Mediate on every word of God, day and night. Stay close to God, and he will stay close to you. I tell you these things because my God has shown me the way. Though we may fall a little, if we trust in the LORD, he will lift us up to higher ground. Hallelujah. I say higher ground. For the grace of God, now, is abundant. So do not let the grace of God pass you by. For if you were called to the Cross of Salvation, remember God Almighty; for the love of God and the goodness of God, he send his Son Christ Jesus to die on the Cross for our sins. Now we are made whole in Christ Jesus.

Let us embrace the Salvation given to us and embody the qualities of our God. Let the joy of the Lord be in your hearts and soul. Let us forgive those who have done us wrong; for how can we be forgiven if we do not forgive others? Let us remove the bitterness from our hearts, and rejoice in the LORD thy God. For our God is a God of love and not a God of hate. Let the mercy of God touch the hearts and souls of those who seek his comfort. Let our Sovereign God reign for all eternity.

May the God I love be blessed in the heavens. May the God I love be blessed all over the world. May the God I love sit upon a shining star. May the God I love shines his light in the hearts of those who love him, forever and ever. Amen