Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you except you be converted and become a little child, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3).

Let us serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, forgiving each other as we grow stronger in the Lord. While we continue to love others — let us always remember that we can not be the best we can if we invite malice and bitterness into our hearts.

How can our minds be in a place of consciousness to experience the goodness of God, if our hearts are filled with the devious qualities of the devil? For how easy it will be then to speak vile things, even the things we do not understand.

“Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD your God.” (1Chronicles 22:19 KJV)

In the days of Noah, only eight lives were saved. But the light of God shines in those, even so, evident by the precious few. And yet today his light still shines. And should we search among his many children, we would see a glimmer of his light, that hope which still resides in them. Some have gone beyond the state of resisting, have surrendered completely, blossoming with the brightness of that light, his glory, living by faith, the grace of God, who by his rock has redeemed them for his eternal glory. Blessed be Almighty God, for his enduring love, that he deemed many of us fit for his kingdom.

God comes to us when we are humble, not full of fluff, and accusatory. And should we be truthful in heart and call on him, he will come to us. The Scriptures tell us so (Psalms 145:18). There have been many times when I too had that experience. And like a little child, humble, and full of love, I surrendered all to my God. And although the word of God is faithful and true, I can testify in the glory of God, which he has made possible through my faith. I am confident that you, his blessed, beloved children, have lived, and still live in the glory of God. Let us keep living in the word of God; for even now he does many things to alert us to his majestic wonders. We must continue to live in faith, trusting in the Lord, wholeheartedly. For he has not denied us his love which he has given so bountifully. So we should glorify him, just as he glorifies us. Blessed be the Lord, who lives for all eternity. Let us praise our Lord, exalt his greatness, regardless of those who wallow in agony and bitterness. For their restless, deprecating spirit is not of God, but of the deflector, and in dire need of prayer and God’s grace and mercy. Let our prayers extend beyond boundaries, on this day of worship, which many of us have chosen to glorify the Lord. And let us make every effort to keep it holy. For the Sabbath day is the day of our great God, which he has set aside for his beloved people.

Let us rejoice in the midst of darkness. Let us rejoice when others ridicule us for goodness sake; for the heavens rejoice also with us. And, we know the light of God overcomes darkness. Let our light shine with the glory of God. Let us encourage each other, so we may grow together with the love of God, which he put in our hearts when he created us. That is the love we see in the eyes of babies, that same love that sparkle in the eyes of little children, as they hold on to their mother’s garments. Let us welcome unbelievers with love; for that is the glory of God. Let us be tolerable towards them, in so doing we may share the Gospel, the love of God, who ” suffer his children to come unto him.”

Let us pray. Mighty God, bring peace to the hearts of men. Free their hearts from corruption and their tongues from self-destruction. Let your mercy find them dear God, so they will wholeheartedly commit to your word. Forgive us for our sins, and remove the chains of captivity. Let your glory show itself among us. And let us recognize and celebrate the greatness of our God. We ask these in Jesus name. Amen.