Let the glory of God shine for all the world to see.

I hunger for the Lord, more than I hunger for bread or thirst for water in the morning. The Lord is good. I have witnessed the goodness of God and can testify to the glory of God. For he wakes me up like the rising sun, for his honor, and glory. For he make my heart content, day, and night. He brings joy to my soul, peace to my heart, on the wings of a dove. So precious is my Lord. He oils my bones, so they may not wax old. He strengthens me so I may not be weary but by his grace proclaim his word. The Lord is good, and his mercy endureth for ever. For I tell you this, I have searched the whole world and not found joy, until the Lord found me. He picked me up destitute, without hope, without joy, and he renewed the glory of God in me. Now I hope in the Lord, all day long. Now my tears full many streams with his glory. There is hope in the Lord, blessed children of the Lord. For my God will not forsake you, if you call on him. He is calling on you to come to him. Come to him, children of the Lord; for the glory of the Lord is at hand.

For God so love this world, that he gave his only begotten Son to die on the cross of Salvation so we may have life, and have it abundantly. Our Heavenly Father, feels no joy, when he sees his children going astray. For he suffers pain just to see even one, lost in the wilderness. Our merciful and loving God is calling on you. The door is open; come to him before he shuts that door.

May the glory of God be upon you; and may his grace finds you.