We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard. Acts 4:20

Who can’t stand the glory of Almighty God, run for the hills, and hide. For the glory of God is bountiful. I have seen the mighty wonders of my God. And I will forever testify to the glory of my blessed LORD. Why should I hide the goodness of God, only to please the devil? My God is good. He is good, so exceedingly good. His glory exceeds all glory. His light shines more than we can even begin to imagine. Let us praise our God, our Lord and Savior. Let the darkness run to the hills and hide. And let our God reign for all eternity.

Let the mercy of God flourish in the land. For the mercy of God is flowing so wonderfully. Let the Holy Spirit rise with the glory of God. I have felt the glorious presence of my God upon me. And it is good, so exceedingly good. O Mighty God, such is your glory; such is your love.

The love of God is beyond any other love. How can I not love my God? I have seen His love in the smiling faces of the little children. And it is bountiful and good. I have seen His love when he come upon me with the Holy Spirit, and it is bountiful and good.

Let the glory of God forever dwell in us. Let His light give light to the world. Let it be plentiful, oh so plentiful. And let it last for all eternity. Let my God in the heavens be please, as I am please with the joy of the LORD. Blessed me the name of the Lord JEHOVAH.