If time and chance happens to us all, then there is absolutely no reason for us to look so despondent when we are faced with an event, predestined for the glory and honor of God. Let not our hearts be troubled. Let sadness only last awhile; let us rejoice. For the events are destined to change, and happiness is only but a moment’s notice. Why should we wallow in ignorance when wisdom is knocking at our door? Why not let wisdom prevail? For is it not much easier to live in truth, understanding the many wonders of our Divine Lord, as we enrich our hearts and minds with his knowledge? My friends, ignorance is costly. Our price of freedom and righteousness have already been paid for by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are there for our taking. I too have taken them, after much resistance. I knew of God but was not graced with the knowledge of God. My stubbornness and foolish pride kept me away from God. My heart was not filled with the word of God; for a restless void I carried for many years, one that only Almighty God can fill. And by his grace I received his mercy. For it was already ordained before the foundation of the world that I have been deemed a blessed and faithful servant of God. So take heed to my words while the Lord still offers me the privilege to do such. Do not deny the grace of God. Come to the Cross of Salvation, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Time waits on no one, not even the wind. So with love, but with much haste, I say to you, confess your sins to the Lord, with reverence, humility, and honesty so you too will be saved by the blood of Jesus. And in so doing, you will partake in his infinite and glorious blessings, which are available for us, which are more than the many rivers that meet the ocean. Why waste that opportunity to be in our Father’s kingdom? To not seek redemption, eternal life, is by far the most expensive price to pay. What would it take to bring satisfaction to your hearts? Would all the silver and gold be enough? Would all the riches in the world bring joy to your hearts? Re-examine your endeavours. Let God be the one who guides your path. Because I say to you, all these things are vanity, of no use under the sun, and shall bring to you destruction if you don’t have God in your lives. For your desires will never be fulfilled. And your wants will be forever; for they will never be enough. But as children of God you will not want any good thing (Psalms34:10); for your hearts will be content, filled with the joy and glory of the Lord.

My dearest friends, there’s glory in the Lord. For how much more would you be enlighten, should you live by God’s wisdom, not disregarding the courageous victories embedded in your future successes, that await you. My friends, many curse what they don’t understand. But I say to you, just as the wind blow, let that which you do not understand go with the wind. For tomorrow comes another wind; and who knows what may come with that wind. But if we live by faith, the glory of Almighty God will rise. I say to you, the glory of Almighty God will rise, with vigor and strength, and more than enough wisdom for us all. And you will touch the heavens and feel the glory of God. For the wonders of God is not without reason. Though they may seem so to us men, all things in time will reveal themselves. So let us praise the Lord at all times; for the wonders of the Lord is at hand.

I say these things to you, not to justify anything, but merely as an observer and follower of the righteous God, whose righteousness was given to me through Christ Jesus, whose wisdom I seek as he awakes me in the early morning, many times before dawn, when the sun has not yet shown its glory, and the dewdrops await our presence.

Let us not allow sorrows burden us with such magnitude as to forget how to be happy. Even I too at times worry about my love ones, whether their hearts will be soften, and they will be receptive to the precepts of the Lord. But I have grown and come to trust the Lord with all my heart, that he will open a way into their hearts. For there is a time for everything under the sun, and happiness, that too is a gift from God. So whatever we face, let it be in stride, with the glory of God. For many of the things that cause us to grow old, faster than we should, as we suffer loss of sleep, will be forgotten. For even the vanities we seek and accumulate, that also will be left behind. And who truly spend their time worrying about the dead? It is the living we need to think about while they still have a chance to eternity. For when death comes, all bets are off. No dead man can then seek the kingdom of God. For I say this to you, many will arise to shame and contempt if they did not justify themselves in the Lord, while still alive. (Daniel 12:2)

So, in everything, remember God. For if he sees fit for these things to happen, then they will happen. Remember, even fools have wealth and riches. But be wise in what you do. For we can not take these things with us when our time has come. So, be wise while you seek your riches. Let them not anger your God. But if his delights are your delights, then what you too are justified in the Lord. And as you rejoice now, so also you will rejoice in the end.

Seek God’s mercies; for they are plentiful. Why live with the burdens of hell when the Lord has already send his Son for that purpose? Children of Almighty God, accept the glory of Almighty God. For I tell you this, he will not hold your unrighteous deeds against you if you come to him and seek his forgiveness, like a child who seeks the love of his father. He will wash you in the blood of Jesus and make you white as snow. Though you may be like crimson, you will be covered in the glory of God. Give praises to my God; for who is better to glorify?

Father we thank you, so abundantly. For you have shown us your glory. And your mercies, dear God, are more than plentiful. We rejoice in your blessed name, Holy Father, because you have not turned your back on us. Let us continue to praise you, dear God. For the kingdom of God is at hand. Let us live for your glory. By so doing, we will live for all eternity. Praises be to you, Almighty God, because you are justified in all things.