Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen (Romans 1:25)

Worshippers of the devil; worshipers of death; worshipers of vanity; worshipers of the flesh; worshipers of fame and glory; worshipers of the proud; worshipers of men; worshipers of celebrities; how much more do you desire? How much more will fill your heart’s content? How much more do you need to keep you in the depths of hell? How much more do you need to bury your souls in anguish? How much more do you need to cover your eyes in shame? How much more do you need to keep you away from God? How much more do you need so that God will cry in shame and disappointment? How much more people? Tell me, how much more?

If you drink from the waters of the dead, and you do the things of the dead, what good is your life here on earth? What purpose do you serve in this world? What do you answer to my God? What do you answer to my God? For the many corruptions that consume your hearts, are they not enough? How much will it take to turn you away from your destruction?

People of this land, my God is not please with you. Your behaviors bring sorrows to my God. My Lord, my Lord, my blessed Lord, the destroyer got his hands upon many of your children. They have lost sight of your glory, dear God. Their wicked ways and their evil hearts have consumed them. They are in desolation, away from you, my God. Many live for the glory of men and for the glory of the unwise and foolish. Many live without hope, without faith, and without trust in my God. My God, my God, what destiny do they hold my God? Many call your name in vain; for their hearts are full of vile, and bitterness of guile. Their days are numbered in this land; for tomorrow, dear God, death awaits them. Their paths are crooked; not one good thing do they carry with them. The bondage, dear God, weigh heavy on their souls.

For it is only by your will, dear God; for it is only by your grace their redemption rejoice in your glory. For it is only by the hands of Almighty God they will be free. My God, many things you have done. I have seen your many wonders. And I have rejoiced with a glad heart. Merciful Father, do not hide your mercy away from them. My God, how many tears must I give? Must the many rivers overflow with your glory? For my God has put his blessed hands on me. Mighty Father, forgive them. Show them your mercy; for without your mercy, many will be lost for all eternity. Father, Heavenly Father, please don’t let my tears be in vain. Lift up your hands, dear God, and touch their hearts and souls. Remember them dear God; for it is you who made them. My tears are laden with many sorrows, dear Father. Let me rejoice. Let my heart be sweet like honey. Let my heart be light like feathers. Let my heart rejoice with the heavens. Let my heart be please, dear God.

For my love of you, dear God, you know, are more than the stars above. It is you who have created me, with your own two hands, for your glory and honour. So I glorify your beloved and blessed name, dear God. I honor you, dear God. For how much more have you honored me, my blessed Lord? It is you who bring tears to my eyes. It is you who bring these thoughts to my mind. For your word will be spoken. It is you dear Lord who bring the Holy Spirit with your glory. It is you dear Lord who I elevate. It is you dear Lord who I exalt. It is you dear Lord who I celebrate. It is you dear Lord who I humbly serve. It is you dear Lord who I live for. It is you who I honor and praise. For it is Almighty God who will live for all eternity that I honor.

May my blessed Lord forever be with me. May he never forsake me. And may he always come to me like the dawn, rich with dewdrops, and the rising sun. May my Almighty God walk with me to the end. And may I bless my Lord for all eternity. May the living God that I serve forever reigns; for I have witnessed the power of Almighty God. Who can deny me the love of God? For the love of God is forever bountiful. I will praise my God; and I will rejoice in his Holy name. For my God has not turn his back on me, neither will I turn my back on him. May the God I love reign for all eternity. Blessed be the name of the Lord; for my God is Almighty and powerful.